Tweak Solid Sate drives in a click

SSD or Solid State drives are one of the latest technology when it comes to storing data in and out because instead of platter and moving head these drives are built on non-volatile NAND flash memory where these is no moving parts and is much faster compared to any hard disk.

However setting up an SSD is something not for regular user as you can see here. However with this SSD tweaker you can very well tweak settings with your operating system ( Windows ) and SSD.

SSD Tweaker
SSD Tweaker

Features :

  • Windows Indexing Service
  • Clear Pagefile at shutdown
  • Disable large syetm cache
  • limit NTFS memory Usage
  • Enable Boot tracing
  • Enable File date stamping
  • One button Auto tweak.

Download SSD Tweaker Via TechSpot


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