Tweak Windows 7 with Xdn

As we write our guide on Windows 7 we will keep educating you on features but if you want to change lot of settings quickly, Xdn is a good option to tweak windows 7 features like you want it. Right from UAC to taking ownership of other users files.

Xdn utility we had talked in terms of Vista and the same application can tweak your windows 7 also. Here are all the features of Windows 7 that can be tweaked.

Change UAC settings

Change UAC Settings in Windows 7

Enable or Disable Hibernation

Enable or Disable Hibernation in Windows 7

Removing Shortcut icons

Remove shortcut icons in Windows 7

Remove Send to  and Add  copy to,  move to folder context menu

Add / Remove Send to option in Windows 7

Disable / Enable ATI Catatlyst Controller

Windows 7 ACCC

Take ownership of Other users files and folders

Take ownership of othr users file in Windows 7

Make views stick

Making views stick in Windows 7

This will be a good start for you to tweak windows 7 and play with this tool. We are builiding our next tweaking guide for you which should come out soon. Till then keep playing with XDN


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