Tweet Switch : Tweet from IM and Email

If you had been dying for a feature that lets you Tweet using Instant messenger or by just emailing, Tweet Switch is just what you were looking for this.  They call themselves a message forwarding service which lets you configure 3 Instant Messenger ID ( Yahoo, Live Messenger, Google Talk, AIM, ICQ ) using a chatbot and send an email to [email protected], with your tweet in the subject of the email.

Here is a sample before I get down to configuration :

Tweet Switch Messenger
Tweet Switch Messenger

How to Add Tweet Switch to your messenger :

  • Go to and allow it to access your twitter account. It uses oAuth.
  • Now you will be welcome by an interface which has 4 tabs : Command, All Tweets, DM and Mentions.
  • Except the command tab all the tabs allows you to add 3 messenger id. The idea here is if you aren’t logged into first, it will try to send you on second and then third else the tweet will be trashed.
  • Now why separate tab for DM and mentions ? This is just to make things easier for you. You can filter out DM to another IM and Mentions to another.
  • Once you add a IM id, tweetswitch bot will ask you to add you in the IM. Just add it as your friend.
  • Follow the command list i.e. Start  so that you can start receiving tweets.
Tweet switch configuration
Tweet switch configuration

List of Commands :

  • Sending a tweet : tweet TWEET / t TWEET
  • Listing the last 20 tweets you received list / l
  • Sending DMs : dm USER TWEET / s USER TWEET
  • Pausing the service : stop
  • Resuming the service :start

I find this utility very useful. Because Now I can Tweet from my Blackberry which doesn’t have a complete plan but I do have messenger access for Yahoo, Gtalk and more. This way I will be able to tweet as I walk.  This service is still is in Alpha stage and you might get some glitches. So just hold on till it completes.



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