How to disable Personalized Tweets on Twitter

Lately, Twitter has rolled out new ways to expose more types of tweet based on what you read, retweet, and favorite on Twitter. Its called Personalization or Tailored Tweet. I recently unfollowed almost everyone, but I could see tweets from what others like and follow. Its intresting, and sometimes I do enjoy finding content in this manner. However, if you do not like it, here is how to disable Personalized Tweets on Twitter.

Personalized Twitter Data

How to disable Personalized Tweets on Twitter

  • Log in to your Twitter Account
  • Click on More available at the bottom left and then click on Settings and Privacy > Privacy and Safety
  • Scroll to find Personalization and Data, click on it
  • Here you have multiple options
    • Toggle off Personalization and data to completely turn it off
    • Personalized ads
    • Personalize based on your inferred identity
    • Track where you see Twitter content across the web
    • Share your data with Twitter’s business partners
  • Toggle off or uncheck the respective options

Done this, you should not see any personalized Twitter floating around your tweets.  Twitter uses this data to bring you tweets that could be relevant to you. For example, your visits to other websites that integrate Twitter content may show you tweets related to that website.

Twitter also uses these settings to share non-public data, such as content you’ve seen and your interests, with individual business partners for uses like ads and brand marketing. The same applies based on your location. When you travel enough, you may see tweets and advertisements based on your locations. So its not just based on your current location, but almost anywhere you have been.

Lastly, Twitter promises not to share your personal data with anyone. According to their Privacy Policy

To protect your privacy, we never associate this web browsing history with your name, email address, phone number, or Twitter handle, and we delete, obfuscate, or aggregate it after no longer than 30 days, as explained in our Privacy Policy.

We hope using these options, you were able to turn off personalization for your Twitter account.


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