On Twitter ? Track your Sleeping Pattern

People who are involved too much into online activities, right from blogging to reading to videos and to social media, Sleeping Time is an interesting tool to track your sleeping pattern or of any body if you are  using Twitter. This tool basically pulls the time stamp of recent tweets and analyzes when you had tweeted most and when you are not it is considered as Sleeping time.

Twitter Sleeping Pattern
Twitter Sleeping Pattern

However there are few facts if you want the your sleep pattern is not right :

  • You should be active on twitter or at least should be saying Good Morning or Good night on twitter ( Just kidding !!).
  • It tells you more about your Off time from twitter but if you are falling in the criteria above it is assumed you get on and off twitter little often and hence the data.
  • You should have your location set. If that is correct you can refresh the page by following the link which says If the time zone is correct, click here to refresh. What it does is pull more tweets and gives you more accurate data.

This application is developed by Amit @ Labnol and you can check out more here.


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