Twitterholic : A Database of Twitter users and rankings

Popularity of Twitter has recorded an enormous rate in recent times; this finally has resulted in development of several applications and tools for Twitter.

I recently came across Twitterholic, it allows you to get the stats for any Twitter user, like date of joining Twitter, Ranks (based on the number of followers) etc.

Twitterholic Results for Ashish

Below these details, you can see a graph plotted for number of followers and date (since joined), and also the table representation for the same can be seen.

You can choose the ‘Crawl my Stats!’ for a forced update for any Twitter user.

Forced crawl your tweets

As far as the Utility of Twitterholic is concerned, it can be used before hitting the ‘Follow’ button to have an overview of twitter user; also you can use Twiterholic to find out people from same location or with matching profiles, which indeed is a must while on any social networking site.

Apart from above, its fun at times to check anybody’s Twitter Status. Have your say on Twitterholic, what do you think Twitterholic can be used for, tell us via the comments.Try Twitterholic


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