Two awesome Twitter Backup Tools

Ever wanted to save your Tweets, followers on Twitter, Direct Messages etc., in other words ever wished to backup your Twitter profile? If yes, then read on, this post is for you.

Here, we are going to talk about two services which can help you to back up your Twitter profile and/or its components. Both the services ultimately provide you the back up of Twitter profile; however they vary from each other in some ways.

1. TweetakeThe manual way

This service allows you to take the backup of any of your Twitter Profile components, like Followers, Friends, Favorites, Your Tweets, Direct Messages or you can choose to backup everything in one go at any point of time, just by providing your Twitter username and password. Whenever you want to backup your Twitter profile, visit Tweetake and take the backup and download in CSV format. Tweetake


2. Tweet Backup – The automatic way

This service needs an account creation in order to render you the backups of your or anybody else’s Twitter profile, this automatically backups the Twitter Profiles once a day.

Once done with account creation, you can setup your account to get a backup of any Twitter profile (provided, it’s not “Protected”), however this service provides you the backup of Tweets (updates) in 3 downloadable formats, RSS, Text, and HTML. It can backup up to 3200 Twitter updates. As of now this service doesn’t allow you to restore the posts, but as per the FAQ page it will soon be enabled. Tweet Backup


These services are awesome for people rather Tweeples, who are interested in backing up their Twitter profiles, both of them have their own reasons to be liked by the users, so go ahead and make a choice to start the backup of your Twitter Profiles.

Share with us which service did you like?


  1. can you add us to the list? ๐Ÿ™‚

    we offer automatic syncing of statuses, favorites, mentions and DMs. We also make them 100% searchable, taggable (like delicious!) and shareable via twitter, facebook etc. You can also export a csv of all your tweets!

  2. Please add us to your list too.

    We automatically back up public and protected tweets, mentions, DMs, and Retweets from multiple accounts. Everything is searchable. You can export to XML and other formats.

    We are new and only getting started with features.

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