Two problems with Google Plus Community

Google Plus community is on the roll and so are the power users, and it was pretty quick that many of you might have realized the problem (as of now) with the community and it seems like a vice-versa issue.

Whatever you post to Public Community, gets posted to your Profile, and you cannot share anything with your community when posting something on your profile. Via KlausHerrmann

Klaus Herrmann Communities Sharing


And both of these problems are problematic in many ways. Let me explain.

Community are like Old Age Forums where I want to share my individual work, ask questions or whatever, but always want to keep it into that community but here everything goes public unless the whole community is private.

I guess the team thought that people might double post so lets set it automated. However, if there was an option available which allows me to choose if I want to post it to my profile or not, it would have been great.

Note: This might be little different if you have set limitations on who can see your public profile and status update.

You cannot post to your Profile, and your community simultaneously (reverse is possible though). Though not a very big issue, but then an option would have been great and I would have share more often than posting it twice.

The worst part is that as of now there are no settings that can stop this and we can only hope when Google Plus team gets some feedback, they can push in a setting for all.

Why is it like that ? My Wild Guess :

Even though, communities are public now, Google Plus might be interested to see how users actually use it, find out if there is an actual need. Its quite possible that posting in community is available on ones profile because this can give Community feature more exposure.

So tells us, How did you like the new Community feature ? What other problems or advantages you see ?

Updated :

Third Problem :  There is no way to get notification for a particular subtopic or hash tag filters.


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