Two things IE 9 does very quickly

After using IE 9 for a couple of hours, there are two things that I love about it. First, it lets me change the search provider as I am typing my search query on the address bar, and second, it allows me to turn on and turn off autosuggestions from search engines. And both are just one click.  To try this :

Switch Search provider :

  • Launch IE
  • First, make sure you have more than one search provider available. If not, you can download one from here.
  • Type in your query, and you should all the search providers listed at the end. You can click on any of them to switch before you press enter.

Switch Search provider in IE 9

One-click Auto Suggestion :

  • Launch IE
  • Type in a query, and if the search provider supports you should see a link that says Turn on Auto Suggestion ( send keystrokes to <Search Provider> ).
  • By default, this is turned off, which I really liked as it gave me an option to change it.
  • Also, once you turn it on, it won’t disappear but changed to Turn off Suggestion (stop sending keystrokes to search provider). Neat.

Auto Suggestion Option in IE 9


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