Droid Jump: Addictive Free games for Android

If you are fond of simple games and love playing such games on your Android while in your free time, here are two excellent games, damn addictive, Droid Jump. The other one is an improved version of the same, known as Extreme Droid Jump. Talking about what these two games are all about, you have to help the Droid (Android Mascot like avatar) to get higher and higher. You need to tilt your device Left or Right to support the Droid move. This category is also called as Jump games. Here is more about both the games.

Droid Jump: Addictive Free games for Android

Droid Jump –

As said earlier as well, Droid is the hero of this game. You have to help the Droid to reach as higher as possible. The Droid is allowed to use the Eclairs as the stepping stone, as the Droid keeps moving; on the way, there appear bonuses and special powers. It includes Gingerbread Man boost (to help the Droid make higher jumps), Umbrella (works like a parachute, slows down the falling down the speed of Droid), Froyo Bonus, Donut Bonus, Droid (to get an extra life), etc.

Some negative powers in between, and being a Droid, you need to save it from the Apple (can inverse all the commands)and Windows (will increase the Gravity). Hence skip the bonuses which looks like the Apple or Windows icon. There is nothing more about this game, it comes with a single playing mode, and you can change the tilt sensitivity and enable or disable sounds in the settings.

Here are some of the snapshots of the Droid Jump –

Very addictive free game for Android Droid Jump

Extreme Droid Jump –

This is an improved version of the Droid Jump but comes with three different playing modes. To name them – Classic, Survival, and Falldown.

Classic mode for Extreme Droid Jump is the same as the Droid Jump; the aim is same, take the Droid as higher as possible.

While in case of Survival mode, the aim is to survive, bonus powers keep falling. Droid remains on the same platform; all you need to do is score high, and survive. Avoid the negative forces, again Windows and Apple-like icons are to be avoided.

Talking about the Falldown mode, in this mode, the droid keeps falling, rest is the same. Talking about the bonus and powers, and summarily it is the inverted version of the Droid Jump or Extreme Droid Jump classic mode.

Apart from three different playing modes, Extreme Droid Jump also has several bonuses. There are also new destructive bonus type features as compared to Droid Jump.

Here are some of the snapshots of the Extreme Droid Jump –

Free Android Game Droid Jump and Extreme Droid Jump

You can download and install both these games from the Google Play Store. Here are the direct links to the app pages –

  • Droid Jump
  • Extreme Droid Jump

Both the games are addictive, and you will love playing them on your Android device. The games would have been better if they had the provision of completing a task or mission, or even if they came with some levels or stages. Install them on your device and share your views about the games with us.


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