Touch Based Recovery for Android with ICS Theme ( Nexus S / Nexus S 4G )

If you have always hated pressing the combination of Power Button and Volume up and down key when using recovery mode in Android, You need to try TWRP or Team Win Recovery Project, which is completely touch-based and can be installed using any of the recovery modules you already have. It works with CWM, which I had, and installing TWRP worked.

Also, with ICS available for Nexus S, One of the Devs, tylerwatt12,  has created an ICS Theme for the TWRP, which can be installed by just placing the theme files inside the TWRP folder. No Installation is required.

Steps to Install TWRP : ( Standard procedure Actually, Somebody should change it !! )

  • Download Flashable TWRP  from Android Creative Syndicate Thread, Thanks to QBKing77 for making this flashable.
  • Connect your phone into USB Storage mode and push the file to it.
  • Next, Boot into recovery mode and Do a Cache Wipe Partition and Wipe Del-vk Cache.
  • Next, Choose Install Zip from SD Card and the TWRP Zip File.
  • Reboot and Reboot into recovery again, and TWRP should be installed.

To get the ICS Theme :

  • Download the UI theme from here
  • Connect the Phone in Storage Mode and Add the zip as is in TRWP Folder under Theme Folder, which you need to create.
  • Once you have added the zip file, reboot into recovery, and TWRP will have ICS Theme should be there.


  1. You mind citing your source for the theme? A nameless developer didn’t pour hours of work not to be recognized.

  2. Hey tylerwatt12, Thanks for pointing, I was to add but did not thought that “tylerwatt12” would be the name. I had already linked to your website for the download of the ICS Theme so people will know it.


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