Type and Search in 53 different languages

LITETYPE is an online tool, which provides you the ability to type in 53 different languages; moreover you can search the typed text on the web as well. Shown below is the snapshot of the list of languages from the LITETYPE page.

As soon as you choose a language by clicking on the language links as shown in the snapshot above, you come across a page which opens an on screen keyboard in your browser; it works quite like the on screen keyboard available in the Windows.

Have a look at the animation below.

The working of LITETYPE will have a clear picture in your mind now, lets us have a quick walkthrough, to understand the features and offerings of LITETYPE –

  • Whatever you typed using the online keyboard for a language, you can search the text over the web with different resources like Wikipedia, Yohoo, Ask, Google, YouTube etc.
  • There are some ads on LITETYPE by default; if you want you can remove them by clicking on the ‘Remove Ads!’ tab.
  • If you don’t like the color of the keyboard page, you can change it too, by accessing the ‘Skins’ tab.
  • If some of the letters/characters are missing from the keyboard, you can toggle between different sets of characters within same language using the ‘Shift’ and ‘AltGr’ buttons.

So, this almost all about LITETYPE, give it a try and do share with us your views about it.



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