Too Many Tabs Open in Edge, Firefox, and Chrome? Try These Extensions

Are you having trouble using too many tabs in the browser? It is well-known that opening multiple tabs in your browser affects the system’s performance. Moreover, it also affects the web browser’s speed, making it slow. That is where you need to try some of the best tab management extensions available on Edge, Firefox, and Chrome browsers.

Multiple extensions are available depending on the browser you use, Edge, Firefox, or Chrome. To help you out, we have compiled a list of the best extensions for the three popular browsers.

Too Many Tabs Open in Edge, Firefox, and Chrome? Try These Extensions

Best Tab Management Extensions for Edge, Chrome & Firefox

The list includes a list of extensions that can help you with better tab management. The best way to pick is to try each of them and see what works best for you.

  1. Firefox Extensions
    • Tab Reloader
    • Tree Style Tab
    • OneTab
  2. Chrome Extensions
    • Auto Tab Discard
    • Tab Session Manager
    • Tab Suspender
  3. Microsoft Edge
    • Tab Session Manager
    • tabXpert – session and tab manager
    • Tab Groups Extension

I am sure others browsers also have extensions, so if you are using one, let us know in the comments section.

Firefox Browser Extensions

1] Tab Reloader

Tab Reloader Firefox

An excellent Firefox extension you can opt for is the Tab Reloader. It offers a toolbar panel where users can undertake infinite reloading on individual tabs. The wide array of features makes the extension extremely appealing. It is easy to use and comes with a customized reloading time.

For instance, you will get random reloading times for a pre-set range. Besides, you can decide if the reloading will occur when a tab is active. It is possible to reload tabs from the context menu. Apart from that, you can run custom-made JavaScript code each time you reload the tabs.

Other impressive features include viewing the list of the tabs showing active reloading jobs in the browser pop-up, reloading local files, etc. You can also implement a rule where a tab will reload when a hostname or a URL matches. The extension is often updated and has Mozilla Public License 2.0.


2] Tree Style Tab

Tree Style Tab

If you are tired of dealing with too many tabs decreasing PC performance, try the Tree Style Tab. It is an excellent Firefox extension and has a Custom License. With this extension, users can work the tabs as “trees.” The interesting organization of the tabs makes this extension an appealing choice to users.

For instance, opening new tabs from the present one is categorized as “children” of the present tab. These “child” tabs, also known as branches, can be easily collapsed or folded. You only need to press the arrow sign displayed in the “parent” tab. That way, you can don’t have to view numerous tabs all the time.

The extension allows users to restructure or reorganize the tree using the drag and drop feature. Apart from this, Tree Style Tab offers an API for different extensions. For example – The multiple Tab Handler enables users to choose multiple tabs using long-press on the tabs.


3] OneTab


Do you want to get rid of multiple visible tabs? In that case, opting for the Firefox extension – OneTab is an excellent idea. With OneTab, it is possible to convert different tabs into a list. When users want access to the tabs, they can restore them altogether or individually.

Another excellent benefit you can gain from using OneTab is that it saves memory. It also reduces using too much CPU load and, as a result, doesn’t impact the system’s performance. Reports state that the extension plays a role in resuming the PC back from sleep mode.

One of the most exciting features of OneTab is its privacy features. The information on the tabs is not disclosed or transmitted to third parties or even the OneTab developers. If the users click on the share as a web page’ feature, then the tabs are shared.


Chrome Extensions

4] Auto Tab Discard

Auto Tab Discard Chrome

Do you want to increase the speed of your browser? In that case, choosing the Chrome extension – Auto Tab Discard is a great idea. The extension decreases memory load, often due to the opening of multiple tabs. It is also a lightweight browser add-on that aids in saving battery.

The wide range of features you get from Auto Tab Discard makes it even more appealing. For instance, you can prevent discarding by ensuring that particular tabs are whitelisted. Besides, the favicon of the tab shows the discarding condition. The users can also retain the discarded tabs by closing and then opening the browser again.

Other impressive features include restoring the tabs with the necessary information, force discarding specific hostnames, etc. It also inactivates the JavaScript code of a discarded tab. It means that the tab remains paused unless any other action is taken. Usage of the native method ensures the need for no session restoration.


5] Tab Session Manager

If you are looking for a top-rated Chrome extension, you can choose the Tab Session Manager. It is also available for Firefox and Edge. With this Chrome extension, you can get automatic savings. You can save tabs and windows along with restoring them.

Apart from that, it is also possible to handle sessions with tags and names. It also offers the ability to autosave even when the window is not open. You can switch workspaces and opt for cloud sync with ease. Besides, the extension supports tab groups along with exporting and importing sessions.

The latest version of the Tab Session Manager offers a wide array of exciting features. For instance, you will get the implemented tracking session. Here, users can set up a tracking session from the session menu. It enables excellent workspace switching and allows users to include newly opened windows in the existing tracking session.


6] Tab Suspender

Tab Suspender

Another excellent Chrome extension you can opt for is the Tab Suspender. With this extension, you can suspend or hibernate the no longer active tabs. That will eventually lead to saving around 80% of the memory. Apart from that, it will also reduce the CPU load, saving battery and decreasing heat.

With Tab Suspender, you can attain a wide array of benefits. One such advantage is speeding up the browser. That is because suspended tabs do not consume the resources of the PC. Besides, it also reduces memory usage.

Another remarkable feature is that with this extension, users do not need to manually close the tabs that remain unused. The extension is often updated and has released numerous versions. With multiple versions, the developer fixes bugs and glitches promptly.


Edge Extensions

7] Tab Session Manager

Tab Session Manager

Do you want to opt for an excellent Edge extension? In that case, choosing Tab Session Manager is a great idea. The extension has a wide array of features, making it an exciting choice. It is also available for Firefox and Chrome.

With this extension, you can save and restore the state of tabs and windows. Apart from that, you also take advantage of the automatic saving. Users can manage sessions with the aid of tags and names. Even if the window is closed, it becomes possible to auto-save it,

Other impressive features include syncing with the Cloud, exporting and importing sessions, etc. You can also auto-save tabs at regular intervals. If you are looking for an efficient yet easy-to-use Edge extension, the Tab Session Manager is an ideal choice.


8] tabXpert – session and tab manager

Another top-rated Edge extension you can choose is the tab tabXpert. It comes with a wide range of features, displaying why opting for it won’t cause you any regrets. One of the most interesting features is session management. Here, tabXpert assists in the organization of the work with sessions under which you have active tabs, bookmarks, etc.

tabXpert also offers tab management, where the extension saves the closed tabs for each session. All the tabs are managed via the drag and drop tool. You can also create tab groups from bookmarks and closed tabs. Another excellent feature is bookmark management, where one can import bookmarks and use folders to organize them.

Other features include using the spacebar to view work history, support of Japanese and Chinese languages, cloud synchronization, etc. You can even decrease memory usage with the opening of suspended sessions.


9] Tab Groups Extension

Tab Groups Extension

Regarding an easy-to-use Edge extension with beneficial features, Tab Groups Extension is an ideal choice. It is one of the most popular extensions used in Edge and easily handles tab management. With this extension, you can create groups automatically via custom matching rules.

It is also possible to save and restore the present tabs. Apart from that, users can activate or close tabs with ease. You can move the tabs to another window and expand or collapse them. The extension also enables the management of the saved tabs. With Tab Groups Extension, you can edit, delete and add saved tabs.

Besides, the Tab Groups Extension delivers excellent grouping rules management. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to ungroup, group, activate, collapse, expand, etc., the tabs.


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