UTorrent Tweak – Increase Utorrent Download Speed

Utorrent being an ultimate torrent client gives the best to download anything and of any size. There are a lot of Utorrent tweaks and settings for Windows 10, Windows 8.1 Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista which can make download faster, increase Utorrent download speed and you can make most of your bandwidth.

Most of the people tend to ignore their Utorrent bandwidth tweaks and settings resulting in lower upload and slow download. So Lets speed tweaks Utorrent. (Updated with settings from uTorrent 3.0 )

UTorrent Tweak – Increase Utorrent Download Speed

  1. Optimum Bandwidth Settings
  2. Transfer Cap
  3. Install DNA to accelerate content download
  4. Setting Up Ports
  5. Make use of Streaming
  6. Encrypting Network Data
  7. Removing the Connection Limit for Windows 10 or Increase  numbers of outbound connection
  8. Utorrent Port Checker
  9. Remove slow seeds and peers
  10. Make Utorrent connect an exception to Firewall
  11. Add Public Trackers

1] Optimum Bandwidth Settings

The uTorrent setup Guide helps you get the right to upload and download speed. Press [Ctrl + G] or go to options> Setup Guide. It will run tests to check how fast is your upload and download speed and set options for locations, port settings, and locations. Though the default settings will work fine if you are aware of your network speed,  you can choose from the dropdown and also select a nearby location.

Increase utorrent Download Speed

It will also check for the port number here to find if it is open. Make sure you have selected the checkbox which says Automatic Port Mapping. Once your test is complete, you will your real upload speed, upload limit, connections per torrent, etc right there.

uTorrent Setup Guide After test is complete

2] Transfer Cap

Transfer cap is a new feature in uTorrent which allows you to limit total bandwidth used by uTorrent and save extra money for the over usage of bandwidth. Read more here

Utorrent Transfer Caps

3] Install DNA to accelerate content download

In the latest release of uTorrent, There is a feature DNA that lets you faster download for DNA powered contents. You can create DNA powered content and also enable it in the client to get the max out of it. Read the tutorial here. If you are using uTorrent 3.0, you can find it under preferences.

Increase utorrent Download Speed

4] Setting Up Ports

Since Utorrent is a p2p client, you need to have open ports that act as an entry point for people to get data from you. If you don’t have open ports you won’t get a sufficient download rate either. Some ISP’s and routers block these ports.

If you are using routers, set it up to forward the ports on using in Utorrent. You can check to find the correct port using the options>Setup Guide. Enter a port number and check it. It will open up a new web page that can tell if the port is open or not.

Do not choose a different port till u find the correct port number. Check the above image for this. If you are using router check this page Routers Port Index, If you want to find out what are the common ports used by other programs, here is the list Cports

5] Make use of Streaming

Starting from Utorrent 3.0, There is a new streaming option that lets you listen or see videos before downloading. This makes sure you are downloading files that work and are not password protected. Read more details on Streaming here.

Increase utorrent Download Speed

6] Encrypting Network Data

Similarly, some ISP’s try to limit the bandwidth to p2p applications. uTorrent has protocol encryption which makes detection and limiting by ISP’s harder. You can enable protocol encryption by going to Options > Preferences > Bittorrent. There is a section called Protocol Encryption, choose Enabled or Force. This can speed up your bandwidth.

uTorrent BitTorrent Settings

7] Removing the Connection Limit for Windows 10/8.1/7/XP

There is a couple of software you can use to increase the number of outbound TCP connections on your Windows 10 computer. As the number of ports will increase, it will Increase Utorrent Download Speed for sure.

  • TCP-Z is an application that offers increasing the number of internet connections of your operating system. As you increase the number of connections to your Windows machine, it will speed up download because of parallel processing. If you are using Windows 10/8.1/7 or XP, you can use this tool which updates Tcpip.sys for a number of allowed connections.

TCP Z Patch Connection Limit

Here we are going to modify and replace a system file, So do it at your own risk. But it sure does work. First backup your TCPIP.Sys or you can also create a Restore Point.

  • If you are still using Windows XP Sp2, the chances are your “maximum half-open connection limit is most likely to 10. There are patches available that can remove this problem. One such patcher is http://www.lvllord.de/?lang=en&url=downloads. Download the English version and execute the exe in it.

Increase utorrent Download Speed

  • Half-open limit fix (patch) for Windows from here which actually patches your tcpip.sys file in Windows. You can increase the number of open connection and in case you want to get the original file back, it can restore Tcpip.sys for you.
Increase number of connection to TCPIP.SYS
Increase the number of connections to TCPIP.SYS

This is what it says (Half-open limit fix (patch) for Windows)

P2P (peer-to-peer) programs (µTorrent, BitComet, eMule, P2P TV etc.) are generally the most affected programs.

As they use up all 10 of the half-open connections, other Internet activity, especially the loading of web pages, can be extremely slow.

The delay before the beginning of opening can make some tens seconds. This happens regardless of the speed of your Internet connection.

8] Utorrent Port Checker

In Order to check Port forwarding is configured correctly, I would suggest you go to Utorrent Port Checker, ignore the error it gives for the first time, and add the port number you have forwarded in the text box. Hit Enter and see what result you get. This will tell you accurately if your port is forwarded correctly.

This is an important factor as Port forwarding to increase Utorrent download speed.

9] Remove slow seeds and peers

In case you find the seeds or peers are slow, drop them off. The more the number better it is. If you get a connection which has less number of seeds, you are advised to remove them.

10] Make Utorrent connect an exception to Firewall

This is one of the crucial settings you should do. In case your firewall is blocking on a number of connections for Utorrent, add this program to the exception list so you get high download speed.

11] Add Public Trackers for slow seed trackers

This is another way of increasing the download speed by adding public trackers into your torrent’s tracker list. This is helpful when the number of seeders goes low in count and you will have to wait for a longer time to download the file.

This list of public trackers you will need to add in your tracker list for a particular torrent which is downloading very slow. Right-Click on the torrent which is very slow and goes to Properties. Then under the General tab, you’ll notice a list of existing trackers for the selected torrent. Just paste the above list right there.

You will also need to Enable DHT and Peer Exchange by selecting the appropriate checkboxes in the same screen.

Additional tips to use uTorrent

1] Settings Download Speed Schedules

uTorrent like any other download manager has a scheduler but it goes one step ahead. You can speed limits during a certain period of time. To use it go to Options > Preferences >Scheduler. Click on Enable Scheduler. Here you can set upload and download rate when the schedule is enabled. You can see scheduler table where you can click on any day and give your preferences to Limit, Turnoff or Full speed and set the bandwidth usage. Dark green is full speed, light green is limited speed, and white is turned off.

Schedule utorrent

2] Create New torrent and add them to trackers

You can create your own torrent file and upload to trackers. Select from menu, File > Create New Torrent > Add file or directory. Enter the address of the tracker that you want to upload, Give a name and save it. You can also select if you want to start seeding now or even you can make it private. Now you can pass it to torrent or friends.

Increase utorrent Download Speed

All these settings can definitely help you to make a maximum usage out of your bandwidth. I have tested them and it works great for me. I am sure it will work for you and increase Utorrent download speed.

3] How to use the user the web interface

uTorrent has a web interface called as Web UI. This allows you to control uTorrent remotely through a browser. You can do pretty much the same things you can do with the program on your computer. To enable WebUI, go to

Utorrent 3.0 > Options > Preferences > Remote:

All you need is set your username, password, and security question and use the same credential to log in to your web account at web.utorrent.com.

uTorrent Web UI

Utorrent 2.2.1 and below > Options > Preferences  > WebUI

Click on Enable Web interface. Enter the username and password. Now to access your Utorrent from web open url which should be like this http://Machine_name_or_IP:Port/gui. It will ask for a user name and password. Now you can manage your uTorrent download from anywhere you want and even download when you are not at home.

uTorrent WebUI


  1. If you’re using uTorrent v1.4 or higher make sure your upload limit is set to 6kb/s or higher, otherwise your download rate will automatically be limited to 30kb/s. 🙁

  2. Hi I am William. I have a 128kbps Broadband connection.
    Please can someone tell me about the correct settings i should use to get the maximum from my bandwidth. My current download speed is limited to a maximum of 12kbps….
    i am having version 1.8.1
    Please email me at [email protected]

  3. Hi,
    Currently i’m using utorrent version 1.8 and my download speed only goes as high as 10 kB/s and i’m living in Vietnam. my email is [email protected] and anybody knows how to increase the speed please email me by this mail.

  4. Hi I am saravanan. I have a 128kbps Broadband connection.
    Please can someone tell me about the correct settings i should use to get the maximum from my bandwidth. My current download speed is limited to a maximum of 12kbps….
    i am having version 1.8.1
    Please email me at [email protected]

  5. Sarvaran u will need to get 256 kbps Broadband connection only then the speed will gain some momentum. I have 256 kbps and the speed limit goes upto 35 kbps or sometimes more than that.

  6. hi all,
    I’ve moved to utorrent from vuze…
    With vuze i have had downloads as high as 1.5MB/s and my internet connection is 24MB broadband for which i sync at aprox 16Mbit/s with aprox 1Mbit/s upload…

    Speed isn’t so much an issue, what is is that i’m having problems with everything else that uses the internet…
    in firefox everything is fine untill i start running utorrent or vuze…
    then it stops connecting to webpages and/or displays them wrong…
    It is almost like i’m loosing packets or vuze/utorrent is hijacking the ports that firefox is using…

    However this is not limited to one PC, all the PC’s and servers on my network experience this problem and it’s not limited to microsoft windows it does it under linux too…
    So if one PC is running a torrent downloader all the others struggle to access the internet… internal connections are fine…

    My router is a netgear DG814, the port that utorrent is using is manually forwarded…

    on the PC that i using for torrents i have modifyed tcpip.sys to 50 half open connections from the default of 10 without any change…

    Anyone got any ideas?


  7. thansk for the Public tracker tip!
    i was not getting speed in aXXo torrents , but now i am seeing a increase in speed after adding the Public trackers !


  8. hi,
    can anyone help me to increase my download speed? i have a broadband connection with a speed of 128kb/s but what i get is in the range of 0 to 30.
    i would appreciate greatly if you can tell me how to get the desired download speed of my connection. By the way, i am using utorrent version 1.8.1 or version 1.9.0.
    thanks a lot

  9. hi, am using torrent 1.8 and modem is open iconnect622 and connect speed 1.5Mb but torrent is working very slow near 30kb or some time less than 10. can you please help me out.
    Email id: [email protected]

  10. Friends Iam using a 128 kbps connection and u torrent version 1.8.1 I always had a download rate of about 13.0 kbps yesterday I referred a lot of websites regarding this and finally changed my settings according to this….I was very happy when I saw that my download speed had just doubled…But now it has returned to my usual 13.0 kbps Can anyone help me ragarding this…Someone send me a mail regarding this issue to [email protected]

  11. i live in australia and my utorrent gets speeds of up to 300kb/s. maybe you need to check your service provider.!!!!!

  12. Hi, guys, I have the biggest problem of all.
    My top speed gets to 229 kbps. I checked the speed through http://www.speedtest.net
    I have a 256 kbps broadband connection. from three months my speed was 30kbps

    BUT KNOW IT IS 0.3 KBPS!!!!!! I tried all steps. what do I do? if u need my system details:

    Windows Version: Vista Home Basic
    Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 3.40 GHz 3.39 GHz
    Random Access Memory (RAM): 1.00 GB
    System type: 32-bit operating system
    Hard Disk Capacity: 48.8 GB
    Free Space: 4.71 GB

  13. It worked… I was downloading 10kB/s and now I’m up to 250-400kB/s!!!
    Takes some time but it’s definitely worth it!

    Thanks a lot!

  14. wow! i only applied two of the changes mentioned in this article and my download speed shot up from 50 kbps to over 300. if i could only comprehend the other components of this tutorial the possibilities would be truly unfathomable. bravo!

  15. Hey i am using torrent 1.8.1 and i have ADSL connection , router(modem) is Huawei hg510 , port forwarded manually and i have internet connection of 1mb/192kbps BUT my uttorent download speed doesnt get higher than 10 kbps(even with good seeded torrents)! It’s really frustrating . . . Can someone please help. THANKS IN ADVANCE .

  16. I am using utorrent 1.8.1 and I’m on 384 kbps speed connection. I get download speed of around 40-44kbps when I download 1 torrent. Is that speed ok for my connection, or still I can tweak and increase speed further? Any ideas please?

  17. Calijace:

    You should be able to download a bit faster than that with a 384 connection. Have you already followed all the steps above? Have you checked your port for correct forwarding?

  18. Update of active public trackers from above list:


  19. Hi,

    I am having 256kbps broadband connection. I have installed utorrent. But downloading speed in between 1kb/s to 10 kb/s(mostly 5 and kb/s).

    How much speed should it reach with 256kbps connection.
    Plz help to increase the speed of utorrent.

    some one plz help me……………………….

    I am really frustuated with this slow speed.

  20. im not even getting 10kbs and im only downloading 1 file andhave a very fast internet connection. plz help

  21. To all the posters asking for specific settings: It’s probably a lack of seeds, and if it’s not, I don’t think the host has time to tweak each of you via email.

    I have an uberfast broadband connection, and sometimes I get 0.01 kB upload speeds.

  22. hello,

    I tried to use the public trackers. It was also give to enable dht and peer exchange, But these boxes are not active . Please help

  23. Hey serously my network is **** up, at the max it was at 36 kB/s, then i used the tracker list, and my downloading went down to max 3 kB/s..
    i erased the tracker list but it is still very ****
    and yeah i did enable DHT and peer exhange..
    but it still **** me up so bad ! :s

  24. Hi everyone

    google for torrent calculator

    first link

    there you may look for your settings

    ive got 384 kbit/s too

    40-44 are good

    maximum is 48 kbyte/s

    but u cant get them cause of running messengers and your connection basicly takes 3-4 kbyte/s

  25. And its not


    cause first will happen if you paste the list in uTorrent.



  26. My uTorrent download speeds went way up after I restricted the upload rate to about 9k while downloading. I don’t know if this was a Windoze thing, or just DSL, but download speeds went from something like 25k to 140k.

    Yeah, the number of seeds is critical. If there’s just one or two seeds, the rate will depend on how much bandwidth that seed can spare for you… could be fast, or it could take days or weeks. Be patient, and help out by seeding scarce files.

    If you’re frustrated because a torrent doesn’t work, browse to the tracker for that torrent. It may be private, and require you to register. This can be worth the trouble, since some sites take pride in maintaining impressive libraries of stuff (like TV shows from a particular country).

    Also, don’t overlook older P2P networks… they may not be as fast as torrents, but stuff hangs around longer so with patience you’ll get what you’re after.

  27. Hi I am saravanan. I have a 128kbps Broadband connection.
    Please can someone tell me about the correct settings i should use to get the maximum from my bandwidth. My current download speed is limited to a maximum of 12kbps….
    i am having version 1.8.1

  28. Hi I am Daniel I have a 128kbps Broadband connection.
    Please can someone tell me about the correct settings i should use to get the maximum from my bandwidth. My current download speed is limited to a maximum of 12kbps….
    i am having version 1.8.1
    this is my email id [email protected]

  29. Hey works for me too good

    Starhub(my ISP) was blocking connection to utorrent but after this tutorial,my speed from 10kb/s became 147kb/s i am really grateful to you keep up the good works man thanks a lot.!

    If you want to increase your speed dome more by 20% press Ctrl and Alt and Del to get the task manager and go to process and search for utorrent.exe right click and click on set priority then click Realtime this will make windows give more resources to utorrent thus increasing it’s speed drastically.

  30. I have a 256kbps bsnl connection.
    My modem is UT300R2U.
    I am not being able to set up a virtual server…….
    Can youpls tell me the best uTorrent settings for my 256kbps conn?
    My e-mail ID is [email protected]
    Thank you in advance

  31. well………. i am using U torrent 1.8.3(beta). Usually my downloading speed is fine…. but now at a particular download it does not gets more than 10kbps.. my ports are forwarded… i already hav added the public trackers….. now what could be the possible reason…….
    and yes… deepak tiwari… the priority could not hav provided u with more downloading speed… its not related to ur connection speed… its just ur OS.. does not interfere with your networks and speed…. atleast dats wat i knw…

  32. Hi, i have a 256 download speed, however i am only downloading at a maximum of 5kbps, however i do have a bad seed to peer ratio but believe it should be somewhat better. i am using Utorrent for Mac.

    my email is [email protected] let me know if you can help

    Thanks in advance.


  33. hey guys..i’m using bsnl (adsl modem)it’s speed is abt 256 kbps.i’m using utorrent 1.8.2 version. i’m getting speed abt 30kbps not more than tht.any one plz help me to speed my torrent speed..i would be very thank full to u..
    my email id is :[email protected]

  34. This guide is not for the latest version of uTorrent that I have because of differences in the “Options” tabs in my version and the one used in that screenshot.

  35. hhii.. i m using a broadband connection whose speed is 256 kb/s and my downloading speed is nearly 30 or 60.plz tell how i increase my downlloading speed.my email adress is [email protected]

  36. Hello. I got a problem here..i had a low download rate so my friend told me to download the file from a site but now its worse then before..could anyone tell me how to get a greater download speed, or least how to fix it back the way it were? i had like 400kb/sec before, not i got 30-80 and there is like 40 seeds..dont understand it. please help :/

  37. My uTorrent is very slow and the red icon at the bottom is nearly always there and my speed are really low like 10 to 30 i tryed things on the internet,youtube etc. Didn’t work at all and i have a Engenius 1220 Router and i can’t figure out what to do to get the speeds higher

    Plz can you help me 🙂

    [email protected] plz send me an email thnxx

  38. i can’t help u for d speed but i can give u an idea
    leave your computer open for overnight with downloads started….!!!

  39. As long as my download speed is 100kbyte/s. I will be grateful because of my slow connection 7.2mbps. I have a problem, whenever i download a file with a direct link or torrent, they never reach 1mbyte/s. WHY. I search for google that 7.2 mbit/s is 0.9 mbyte/s. But the highest I reach is only 400+ (direct link using IDM) and 100+ (torrent using utorrent). any suggestion?

  40. The two patches appear to do the same thing, one with a command-line interface and the other with a GUI. Am I right?

  41. What the hell is with all these dudes from India listing their email addresses, which all consist solely of their first and last names at a free email hosting site, and all comments that are worded almost the exact same way? Must be the same dude desperately spamming the site under different names, or maybe they’re all automatons… FYI to all you Indian dudes, this guide is all you get! If you know BOTH the download AND upload speeds of your connection, set just under the maximums for both upload and download in uTorrent, and follow the rest of this guide! If your speeds still suck after that, its because your ISP is throttling you torrent bandwidth or the tracker and most of the peers are not near you geographically.

  42. i have a broadbant connectionn and then too my internet speed is not increasing above 25- 30 kbps…………..i tried the above sugessions bt they didnt worked………….what should i do………. please tell as soon as possible………..

  43. Hey there, I followed the suggestions in this guide, and it increased my DL speed from 10kB/s to like 40kB/s…I know this should be much higher, any tips?


  44. hello every one

    i have broadband connection of 256kbps and i am using utorrent 1.8.3 after following most of the above steps my donload speed is just 25 to 30/s and i wanna know that can i increase my dwonspeed a little more

  45. hello everyone

    first of all, thanks for the tips especially the public trackers, it helped me a lot…
    but i have problems with the public trackers, it seems that they will refuse to work after a few hours.
    the reason given are something like this:
    1.offline(timed out)
    2.no connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it
    3.hostname not found
    4.connection closed by peer
    5.failure: unregistered torrent pass
    can anyone please tell me the reason for this, and more importantly what can i do about it?

  46. i hav a broad band connection of 2 mbps but i get a download speed of 50 kbps . my version is 1.8.3 plzzzzz hlp.

    SEE DOWNLOAD SPEED –> –> “kB” NOT “kb”

    IS MAX!!


    8 BITS => => 1 BYTE

    THUS 256 kbps –> 32 KB/per second [CAPITAL LETTERS]

    128 kbps –> 16 KB
    256 kbps –> 32 KB
    512 kbps –> 64 KB



  48. i’m having BSNL 256KB/S broadband connection, but my Utorrent1.8.3 downloads at the speed of 15-20 KB/S..plz tell me the way to speed up my downloads..tat ll be so appreciable..my system configurations are given below
    os; windows vista ultimatum
    processor;pendium(R)dualcore 2.5 GHz
    ram; 2GB DDR2
    disk; 160 GB

  49. Hi,,

    I am using a broadband connection of 256KB/s … and i am using version 1.8.3 of u torrent…can someone plz tell me how can i inc my u torrent speed…my speed maximum goes upto 30 to 31KB/s….


  50. well I m using Nokia e51 for net via my laptop
    the problem is torrent d/l is while downloading simply or by using accelerator it is around 120KBps
    my service provider is bsnl
    everything is fine but not in case of the torrent. I have experimented with every setting and tweak but it seems useless
    if u have any solution mail me

  51. please help!
    i have a connection of 512kbps
    when i download a file with utorrent downloader the max speed is 18kbps!
    please can someone help me????

  52. Well, I,ve used most of these tweaks over the past few years, and the best download speed I can get is 700 kbps… I know this sounds like alot, and compared to most here it is, however; my download speed from ISP is 6.0 MB with 786 kbps upload. Why can’t I get faster downloads?

    I’m just trying to understand why it won’t go higher if I have the ability to? Right now I have 34(63) seeds and 20(82) peers….

  53. This really helps a lot!
    I am so delighted!
    You’re doing a good deed! keep it up!
    May the force be with you!

  54. My download of one torrent has suddenly stopped @ 53.9%.
    [DHT] not allowed
    [Local Peer Discovery] not allowed
    [Peer Exchange] not allowed
    Seeds 0(0) Peers 0(0)
    Can someone help me out of this? My other downloads are going on very well except this.
    I am using utorrent 1.8.3

  55. AWESOME!!! Thank you…

    Downloading, I went from 10K to 2.1M on a single file.
    Uploading went to 1.9M

    Thank you very much…

  56. Is 7.2mbit/s —-> 900kbyte/s ???
    I still haven’t seen any download up to 900kbyt/s.
    The highest I could get is 400-500kbyte/s.
    Is something wrong? Any suggestion ?

  57. My top download speed gets to 35 kbps… i checked the speed through http://www.speedtest.net.
    i have a 256 kbps broadband connection

    What do i do? if u need my system details:

    Windows Version: XP SP-2
    Processor:Intel® core 2 duo 2.4 GHz
    Random Access Memory (RAM): 2.00 GB
    System type: 32-bit operating system
    Hard Disk capacity: 160 GB
    Free Space: 80 GB

  58. how can i increas utorrent download speed ?
    i have a dial up connection and i got 10kb/s. i want to increas it. some one help me now immediatly mail me. plzzzzzzzz

  59. My internet speed is 25 MBPS, cable but whenever i download something (like instance, now, the file is 2 GB) i only get up to around 100 Kb/s I got over 500 some time ago but why not now? any help?

  60. @leoxle

    The speed you download also depends on the speed the file is being sent to you. If the server(s) can only upload @ 100kb/s, you’ll only get 100kb/s.

    That said, you’ll rarely get speeds higher than 300-500kb/s on most servers.

  61. thss tutorial is simply the best ….

    im downloading windows 7 right nwww its of 3.47gb..
    n ihv a 512kbps connection …
    bfr i chckd ths my downld speed was 7kbps dono why how n all but i just made these changes n my speed is noww 55kbps:) 🙂
    it r eally worked n hv to wait n see hw lon it sticks to ths speed fingers crossed
    i really wonder y utor hv ths prob of fluctuatin nw n thn hmmmm…
    i used to download using emule n bearshare in the past i never faced ths prob but after i switched to utorrent lot of my time n bandwidth got screwed
    but anywyss thk u soooooooooo much fr ths tutorial
    n pls chkk fr some more updates n trics to increase n do post thmm thkk u once again.

  62. hi am havin bsnl 500c connection all my frns get 220kbps as dwnld speed in utorrent but am not more than 100kbps for t same .. i hv tried port forwarding even then its nt working cud ny1 pls help me out !!!!!!!

  63. Hi I m using 256 kbps BSNL connection and I tried doing the settings to my laptop in u torrent but its not working.Speed is limited to 23-24 kb/s.Kindly send me the settings on my email [email protected].


  64. if you want to speed up ur downloading speed simply go to the properties of downloading file and in tracker, that trackers that are working copy and paste them again and again

  65. guys if u have 1.4 or 1.4< versions of uTorrent then plz change ur upload speed to 1kb/s as then only ur file will be able to download at 30kb/s>. I don’t recommend this for LAN conenctions.

  66. hi guys…..i have 100Mbps connection but my downloadding speed remains confined between 10-30 kB/s…i have done all acoording to the tutorial but dont recieve the benifit…..plz some one figure it out…..

  67. i have tested my downloading speed through speedtest.net..it comes out to be
    downloading speed 2.25Mb/s
    Uploading speed 0.26 Mb/s

    tell what to do now to increase my torrent downloading speed…….?

  68. All of u should know that there is difference between kbps and KBps
    when u donwload u get speed in KBps so to find ur max speed u need to convert ur broadband spedd i.e in kbps to KBps. in easy words just didve ur kbps speed by 8 to find ur max down speed. for example

    if u have 256 kbps internet speed then ur download speed will be 256/8= 32KB/sec thats ur max speed.

    similarly for 512kbps connection ur speed will be 62KB/sec

  69. hi

    i am using bsnl broadband connection 256/kbps home UL plan
    but i get download speed upto 29/kbps
    can u snd me some tweks where i can get much higher download speed

    thank u

  70. hey dude i too want some of your tips .

    have a 256 kb/sec plan and i get max 30 kb /sec as the download in utorrent and non torrent download (by idm).but after i paid for the first
    month the last day i got a magic speed of 50-55 kb/sec.

    how does that happen and now why is it not happening again.
    i want to get that speed. please help me out.and send some tips for modyfying the settings in u=torrent so that i get a better speed than 30 kb/sec.

    yours -=spyketrash=-.

  71. hey can u tell me the way i use utorrent 1.8.5 but my speed is restricted to 30.00 kb/s i will be thankful to u..

  72. @ Spyke

    Spyke dude, the most basic thing you should know is that its not 256 kilo Bytes per sec it is Kilo Bits per sec in your case. 🙂
    (1 Byte = 8 bits) so just divide 256/8, thats your internet speed. I know it hurts but this is what they do to attract customers(bloody cheaters).

    get a better internet plan.

    @ apurva

    Its the same thing happening with you tooooo.

  73. hi…earlier i was using utorrent 1.8.4 and i had tweaked it and i used to get speed of around 180-190 kBps but i had to format my laptop and now i have installed utorrent 1.8.5 and have tried to tweak it but the top speed i get is 30-40 kBps…moreover after one movie finishes downloading the speed dies and the downloads do not even start if i restart utorrent…then i have to uninstall and reinstall utorrent to get back to 30-40 kBps..please help me…its driving me nuts….you can even email me at [email protected]

  74. presently i am using utorrent 1.8.5
    i am getting a speed of 18kbps
    i am using vista home premium..
    how can i increase my download speed..

  75. hi

    i am using 128 kbps connection and my download speed is only 10 – 18


    plz someone help and send the settings for increasing dowload speed

    in u torrent

    thanx in advance .

    my email address ~

    [email protected]

  76. what are the settings for a dail up conection?
    i’m usin 144 kbps bsnl nic card. will da abov setings work fr me????????

    pls help me out!!!!!!!

  77. hi

    i am using mtnl broadband connection 256/kbps broadband connection
    but i get download speed upto 26/kbps
    can u snd me some tricks where i can get much higher download speed

    my email address is:
    [email protected]

  78. hi i m using bsnl evdo for that how to get a maximum speed in u torrent? when i download using free download manager the speed exits upto 40kb/s but in u torrent its very slow…

  79. Don’t be selfish while using u torrent by restricting upload rates…

    coz the more u restrict the more u’ll see downfall in ur download rate

    im havin 256 kbps… my max down speed is 30kbps due to my choppy and
    frustrating isp provider{BSNL}….

    when i restricted the up rate to 5kbps i got only around an average of

    12kbps dl speed….

    then i fortunately got into this post and followed the steps and i changed my max up speed to 22kbps…..

    now im havin an average of 27kbps dl speed and 18 kbps up speed at the same time!!!!

  80. please help!
    i have a connection of 64 kbps
    when i download a file with Bittorrent downloader the max speed is 7.0 kB/s!
    please can someone help me????

  81. hi guys. i am having maximum 512kb connection.

    usually i down seeded files . some times my speed goes to +98kbs,but most of the time it is 20kbs.

    Please can some one tell me wats happening????

  82. hi
    my broadband speed is 265kb/s(mtnl).i get a speed of around 25kb/s when the seeders are very high.could u plz tell me how to modify the settings in u torrent so that i can get higher speed.
    plzz e mail at- [email protected]

  83. is there anyone who help me…… i m using adsl2 router……my upload and download speed is 128kbps……but it comes to be 25kbps when i download any file……but ut access on 128kbps or more….please help me in increasing the download speed in an file.

  84. sorry i had a problem with downloading speed since long time ago, i have no idea how to deal with it, even after reading article from various website. can you help me out ??? right now my download speed is only 7kb/s… please email me for steps and precaution thanks

  85. Hey Everyone…i had mentioned my problem earlier but was not able to find any solution for it anywhere…i tried all permutations and combinations of all such settings but none worked fir me…i can’t say anything about you all…i am using bsnl 2Mbps connection and the dl speed which i get is maximum of 200kBps and mostly it varies around 140-180 kBps without any tweaks…n i am using utorrent 1.8.5. so basically the thing is the faster your internet speed the higher will be the download speed you’ll get. mostly the download speed is 1/10th the internet speed…so that means if you download any file using explorer or chrome or any other browser…you will get a high dl speed but using torrents the speed will be 1/10th that of your internet speed…and there is one more important point…which is infact the most important…the difference between kBps and kbps…which i assume most of you know…so do’t be fooled by the service providers who always quote the speed in kbps…
    hope i was able to help out some of you folks

  86. Guys
    i have some problem , im using 2 Wireless network one for my neighbor and the second for me .
    neighbor Network have:
    1- Siemens ADSL SL2-141
    2-Download speed 2.5M
    connect from Wireless
    ADSL line
    My network
    1-ASUS AM 604g
    2-Download speed 2.5M
    connect from Lan or Wireless
    ADSL line
    the different between the two network that internet user from different Company
    the problem is , When i download a torrent from neighbor network the download speed well be from 170K to 250K , and when i download from my network the download speed well be from 20K to 32K , for the same file

  87. Hi all.

    I’m very new at all this so I hope someone can help me out. I have just changed carriers to iinet in Australia, also I am using a Belkin w/router. I mainly use utorrent for my downloads and at 1st my speed was over 900 kb/s now its slowed to way under 50 kb/s. I asked iinet and also Belkin whats going on but all I get is that my speed is running at its maximum and there is no problem that they can see. I told them normally it would take 5 mins or so to download a movie ( 700MB ) now it takes me over 1 – 2 days. I have tried ozspeedtest and these are my results. Test was done on the 4th Jan 2010 2:30pm.

    Speed line is 5.42 Mbps ( 5420 kbps )
    Download speed is 678 KB/s ( 0.66MB/s ).

    Can someone please, please help me with either configs or just so I can get my maximum speed.

    Any help would be greatful.

    Thanking you.


  88. Yo ,I need some deep help !

    My connection speed is 512 ..& I have a good speed..
    I know alot about Utorrent ,how to increase speed & stuff

    but I’m downloading Lost season 4 these days ,and the speed IS REALLY SLOWWWW!

    I tried my best to spped it up but it didn’t

    Speed is around 0.7 which pisses me off
    Normally I have a speed of 50-55 ..!

    [email protected]

  89. Hi Ashish,

    I have uT on a mac v 0.9.2. My internet speed is 3.35 Mb/s and my download rate in uT is between 30 and 50 kB/s. Could this be improved? The fire wall on the mac is not enabled and router settings dont seem to have any rules for blocking. I have forced encryption in uT preferences, 100 connections per torrent (would be lucky if I ever had that many!)

    Could you help me any further?

    Many thanks in advance!

  90. EDIT-

    I have now set upload limit to 3/4 my internet upload speed (set at 40kB/s), I have also set up a static IP and forwarded the port I use for uT. Also changed encryption from forced to enabled. I am getting download speeds of around 80kB/s max now…..ok just saw it peak at 160. 🙂

    Could my speed be improved further?

  91. – now achieving around max of 320 kB/s. Many thanks for this post, has been a great help!

    i have seen a previous post achieving around 700kB/s. Do you think my speeds could increase further?

  92. Hi friends , Wishing you a happy new year . I am using u torrent 1.8.5 version. i am having beam broadbrand connection of 256kbps unlimited plan. but my download speed doesnot exceed 25kbps…. please suggest can send mail on [email protected]

  93. Hi I am Bikram. I have a 128kbps Broadband connection.
    Please can someone tell me about the correct settings i should use to get the maximum from my bandwidth. My current download speed is limited to a maximum of 13kbps….
    i am having version 1.8.4
    Please email me at [email protected]

  94. hi
    i’m using a broadband internet with a speed of 128kbps….. n i’m using Utorrent 1.8.5 for downloads but my download speed is not more than 10kbps…..so can any one suggest me a better solution to increase my download speed?…..i’ll be thankfull if u send me a solution tomy mail [email protected]

  95. hey hi…
    iam usin d utorrent 1.8.3 and ma speed is 1mbps…
    but their is a problem….iam gettin only 30kbps download speed…
    how can i increase ma download speed….
    plzzz giv me some suggesion dude!!!

  96. I have been downloading a fairly large torrent, which has had 0 to 1 seed on and off. I thought I saw a correlation between download speed and the times that the single seed was not active. While I watched, several times the single seed would drop out, and my download speed would shoot from 150 kB/s to 300-400 kB/s. Then today, also while I watched, about 20 peers finished downloading within a few minutes of each other, and became peers. Immediately, my download speed dropped to around 30 kB/s and stayed there for several hours. Now, instead of being the average speed, 150 kB/s is the maximum speed I am reaching.

    Am I missing something blindingly obvious?

  97. Hi,

    Just wanted to know if anyone could help me with this.
    when i download mp3 file at 320 kbps bit rates when the download completes the bit rates increases on the mp3 file.

    Any help would be kindly appreciated


  98. hi guys i m using bsnl broadband connection and my downloading speed is 1.8mbps with the use of idm.. but wheni want to download ny torrent using utorrent or bit torrent it just rmains arround 3kbps to 30kbps …. and i have read that spped of downloading depends on peers and seeds and leches .. but current i want to download a file which is having 16000 seeds and approximatly same no of peers aswel .. and i dont think that is low.. even then i am not geting good speed can you please help me.

  99. hi.
    my name is yusuf.
    iam usin d utorrent 2.0 and ma speed is 230.4kbps. but their is a problem….iam gettin only 40kbps download speed…
    how can i increase ma download speed….
    plzzz giv me some suggesion……

  100. hi, i use another port for my download,because my download is very slow,and when i change my port that i saw in youtube,it mke my download from 10kB/s to 100kB/s will my download be affected??plz give me a suggestion,thank you!

  101. Hi Everyone, just for notice the new version, is out, Also Try Utorrent Beta, even better.

    What i do to speed up my torrent’s is I download another torrent with like 1250 seeds 2249 leechers and add the trackers on to the one which is working very slow.

    Just Helping the Public


  102. I am using bsnl broad band of 100mbps speed and i am getting very less download speeds of around 30kbps in torrent for a file. Can any one suggest to increase my download speed.

  103. The name of the torrent I am downloading is not showing, only *1 or 2 etc ,,, how can I get the name of the item I am downloading to show please ?

  104. Ashish Mohta thanks for the guide on increase UTorrent speed is brilliant. It was very informative and well written.

    Thanks again.

  105. well frnds,i hav been into the torrent world for over 5yrs and i have used almost all ISP’s and tried a whole lot of speed softwares,speed tricks and came to a single conclusion.”speed depends on what ur ISP provides u,if u want speed then u betr opt 4a higher plan from ur ISP.remember onething,watevr speed ur ISP provides just divide it by 8 and check if this is somewhere near or equal to ur download speed..”
    goodluck !!

  106. someone help me to fast up my download i have a broadband connection and my router is dlink di 604,, i want to speed up my download the above mention dont worked on me,, can someone help.. pls. e mail me at [email protected],,, thanks in advance

  107. hey guys and gals…..plz plz plz help me……..i have 100mbps connection in my college but still my utorrent download speed is pathetic ….it hardly goes above 30 kB/s…..plz help me to increase my utorrent speed …..i know many people get speed in mbps…i too need that amount of speed ….plz help me by giving proper suggestions to my [email protected]…..i would be obliged and very thankful to u. 🙂

  108. Most of these people are Indians confused with kbit/s versus kbyte/s – 2 different units of measurement.

    Most of these guys are actually getting what their “broadband” speeds will provide – they all have 128kbps, 256kbps etc, and report speeds of about 10 or 20 or 30 kbyte/s, which is fairly accurate.

    I run an ISP in India, but unlike other ISPs which even now still only offer speeds of 1-2mbit/s, we offer up to 100mbit/s, and hope to launch 1gbit/s soon.

    We try to avoid this question by stating clearly in our marketing material things like mbit/s and mbyte/s, but we still get the question too damn often.

    @N S Ganesh Kumar: your speed is not 100mbit/s. BSNL offers no such product (except to corporates, and I doubt you’re paying 17 lakhs per month for your net connection).

    @Rahul: your college is rightfully limiting torrent speeds. They spend enough on net connections without you hogging their bandwidth. Even then, they probably do not have 100mbit/s to the real internet, this is likely the speed of the LAN.

    To everyone else in India, you are probably maxing out your connection already. If you are on 128kbps or 256kbps and getting 10-25 kbyte/s download, it will not go faster. Pay for faster broadband or deal with the slow speed.

  109. i had fun reading the comments.. XD

    @Matthew: you are very correct. the company internet bandwidth here is so fast. XD
    (i’m working on an international company)
    anyway, will try these “tweaks” when i get home and boot my laptop with residential speed. (provided by local ISPs)

  110. hi..
    i’m using bsnl 3.1mbps unlimited plan in karnatka..its wireless plug n surf thing..
    my speed in utorrent is now only 30kbps..but using Ares i get to dwnload till 170 kbps..
    could u suggest something i can speed up utorrent? thank you in advance..

  111. hi every1……..
    have a 256 kbps broad band conection my OS is vista ad i’m using torrent ver.1.8.5 my dwnldg speed during day time is max 30 kbps and at night it reaches to a max speed of 80kbps cn nebdy help me out to boot my dwnldg speed to 150 to 200 kbps……….please reply to me on [email protected]…………
    thnk u

  112. hey everybody, first of all, something u should know that download speed is 1/8 of ur connection speed. Example: Suppose u have 512 kbps connection ur maximum download speed will be 512/8=64 kbps and ur maximum torrent download speed will be 80% of ur max download speed in this case 51.2 kbps. if u do not know ur connection speed than go to Speedtest and measure connection speed.

  113. hi……… i m using broadband 750+ home plan unlimited download and i m getting 30kb/s maximum speed .can anyone please suggest me how to increase my downloading speed…..thanx in advance.

  114. i have a very good Netopia Router that can download at 3-5mb/s, BUT i download using utorrent 2.0.1 and the maximun speed i get is 300kb/s WHY IS THAT HAPPENING can someone please reply back to me whats wrounf in DETAIL thanks in advance….

  115. and also i have HIGH SPEED INTERNET WITH UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS so i should be getting decent speeds please help me out thanks

  116. CooL!!!!!!!! it reaLLY heLPed me!!!! Thanks?!!!! but what is The veRsion,? mine is 2.0.2 !!! could u tell me about the settings of this version: 2.0.2 ?? please email me instantly! thanks

  117. PLEASE HELP ME…..! Hi guys Iam using 128 kbps broadband connection iam getting download speed of 12 kb/sec max. plaese give me any suggestions to increase my download speed. Please help me….
    Thank u. Any suggesions plaese mail me to my mail : [email protected]

  118. @ kishore if you have a 128 k bitps connection then 12 to 16 k bytes ps is about right because there are 8 bits per byte, though ive never heard of broadband slower than 256kbps, please disregard if you are sure it’s 128 bytes and not bits per second.

  119. please help!
    i have a connection of 512 kbps
    when i download a file with Bittorrent downloader the max speed is around 25kB/s!
    please can someone help me????

  120. i have a network speed of 8.5mb/sec but its only giving me 100kb/s when i download modern warfare 2…. why?? tried putting unlimited download speed and only 5 kbs/s upload but still… only 243kb/sec -.- any tips??

  121. i have a network speed of 8.5mb/sec but its only giving me 100kb/s when i download modern warfare 2…. why?? tried putting unlimited download speed and only 5 kbs/s upload but still… only 243kb/sec -.- any tips??

  122. before performing these my speed was 243kb/ps but now it is only 193-198kbps wats the problem sum1 please help me out

  123. Hey I have 160kbps broadband connection. Can anyone tell me the setting I should use to get maximum speed. I only get 20kbps plz tell me

  124. internet connections have are a part on why your speed is slow but also the torrent you are downloading. if there isn’t any people seeding you will have a crude connection if they are you will have a better chance of getting a higher download speed. but remember this if you limit your upload to as low as it can go, you are also limiting your download =D

  125. I Strarted using utorrent 1.8.3 but recently i upgraded to 2.0.2
    then began the bad time i was getting 13kbps thats my max speed.but 2.0.2 gives only 0.8,0.2.then i again downgraded to 1.8.3 still the problem isn’t solved please help me

  126. You guys can cry-I get downloads of 6 Mbps!!! Take That! And its still over a wifi connection!!!

  127. Can you make a tutorial to speed up my download connection im using BitTorrent 6.4 im 100Mbps but in BitTorrent its only Down speed 33kB/s and Upload speed 10kB/s

  128. hi

    i am using cable connection 256/kbps broadband connection
    but i get download speed upto 28/kbps
    can u snd me some tricks where i can get much higher download speed

    my email address is:
    [email protected]

    its showing same 600kbps only
    i am using utorrent V2.0 xp service pack 2
    anybody can help me

  130. i’m downloading a torrent file it has got struck in 99.8 and is not moving further the no. of seeds and peers are coming o.. is there any way to complete the download..

  131. please help me out………
    can anyone explain me how to increase download speed in torrent.. friends please tell me it in simple language i am using 156-384 kbps plan

  132. I should be getting 700KB/s+ down with these settings…also, many of these trackers are down now with uTorrent 2.0.4. I’ll post the updated list of the ones that still work after I finish this DL that’s been going for about a week. It’s insane…I hate the downloads that slow down exponentially as you get more of the download done (everyone knows what I mean!)…you get to 90% completion and then it goes down to 2KB/s for no reason.

  133. hi…, this is suryaprakash…

    i am using bsnl internet 512kbps with adsl type 2 modem. but i am getting only 21Kbps download speed… so pls help me how increase full speed….

    Iam waiting for your reply…..


  134. sir
    i have a broadband speed of 512kbps but my max speed is only 60kbps for
    max.i use u torrent 2.2 beta. pls help.
    thanking u

  135. Plz, guide for “ADVANCE” option in “UTORRENT BETA v.2.2” to increase download speed. Also, how I can find out my “PORT” no?

  136. hi friends can anybody help me out cos my torrent speed is low as 0.1 kb/s to max of 15kb/sec.i have added the trackers list.my connection is tata photon+ mobile broadband connection.which says download speed is 3.1mbps and upload speed is 1.8mbps.but i dont get that speed only i get 5o% of it.well cud u plz fix out my torrent speed to be increased.i am using torrent version 2.0.4 .my mail id is [email protected]. thanks

  137. Hi,

    I am using Relince netconnect Hi-speed 1X. Speed is 150kbps.

    i am getting download speed less than 10kbps. wat changes needed to

    increase the speed. please respond me……

    Please send to tis mail id [email protected]

  138. Sir,
    Me Ankur from Asansol, West Bengal

    I want your help to install the new version of “µTorrent v2.2 BETA Build 22328”. When I installed said version for the first time, I took guidance from different website and it had provided an excellent download speed i.e. 200KBPS-250KBPS (through µTorrent v2.2 Beta). But day-by-day the Download speed comes down to 50KBPS.
    After alteration in the setting (including ADVANCE setting), it comes down to 30KBPS.But when I downloading a file through “Internet Download Manager” (IDM) then download speed increase to 200KBPS (avg.);
    I can’t understand what’s the problem is going on!
    So please HELP me. Details of my internet connection are as follows,,,

    1. Connection= BSNL 2G after migration from 3G (with 3G sim card),
    2. Maximum download and upload speed is 3.2MBPS,
    3. Full 3G network available in my location,
    4. My expected Download speed 200KBPS-250KBPS (which was earlier actually)
    5. Speed Test from different website= Max. DL=500KBPS (avg.) and Max. UL= 56KBPS,(avg.)

  139. Hi This is ravi

    I am using utorrent.My Internet Speed 4 mbps.
    But My download speed was very slow i don’t know the exact settings for utorrent.

    please anyone can help me in this issue.

    Please Mail me

    [email protected]


  140. I am using bsnl broad band of 100mbps speed and i am getting download speeds of around 30kbps in utorrent(2.2 beta) for a file. Can i increase my utorrent speed? if yes then HOW.. tell me my id is [email protected]

  141. Sir,

    I am using BSNL Broadband connection 512kb/s, in UTorrent 2.0.4 Iam only getting speed around 50kb/s for a file.I You Have some solution I request you to tell my this is my mail ID : [email protected]

  142. hie.
    i have a college provided net connection.
    the download speed is about 20 MB/sec.
    but the torrents r blocked.
    the maximum download speed on torrent is like 100 kb/sec.
    can u tell me a way to get around this and download the torrents at a faster speed..?

  143. I’m using “uTorrent – v2.0.4”, I’ve got a 386kbps ADSL Broadband connection, but the highest my speed gets to is 30kbps at none peek hour (Late at night), peek hour (afternoon)4.0kbps. I just need to know if my setting are right, please let me know. Thanks

  144. I have 115.2kbps connection
    please me some tweaks get high speed download which at present limited
    to around 20-25 kbps

  145. I have 115.2kbps connection ,please send me some tweaks to get max speed in utorrent which is at present limited to 20-24 kbps

  146. I am using a mobile so i get speed max up to 25 KB .And I am very pissed of so how the hell i can increase my speed . my sim is vodafone 2G. please help me mail me at [email protected]
    Please please please .now i am getting speed 0.3,1.4,2.1,..
    please mail me please

  147. I am using a mobile so i get speed max up to 25 KB .And I am very pissed of so how the hell i can increase my speed . my sim is vodafone 2G. please help me mail me at [email protected]
    Please please please .now i am getting speed 0.3,1.4,2.1,..
    please mail me please Please

  148. my DW speed is approx. 30-40kB/s. I’m with iiNet and have Home 4 plan–> 8000/1000 i think. on my router it says down rate 448kbs and up rate 384kbs.<–kilobits per second.
    any help would be great. ps i port forwarded my port.

  149. Hi all I’m using MTS Mblaze 3.1mbps usb broadband modem.
    please advice me the procedure ,so that I can download movies & games from utorrent. who to increase the speed of [utorrent 3.0 Alpha] I am getting a very bad speed of 0.2kbps download speed .Can it be resolved Can I get a good speed .please help me at [email protected].

    every view is appreciated thankyou

  150. I have a BSNL 512 kb/s broadband connection. I use U Torrent 2.2 beta. My download speed is normally around 50-60 kb/s for torrents but i would like to increase the speed for particularly low seeded torrent(My speed is around 11-25 kb/s). I have tried adding trackers but that does not seem to help much.
    Email – [email protected]

  151. hey guys ,
    im having a 4 mbps broadband connection but still my download speed is very fluctuating and moreover im uploading at very low speed ………
    anyone who can help please email me to,

  152. Hi Guys, whne iam trying to download a movie thru torrent, its damn slow…hardly it progress to 1% or 2% in one hour (inspite of allocating maximum bandwidth of 30Mbps)……..some one told me that i have to do some port settings changes in OS…..any idea, how to do port settings changes (and what changes) on MAC so that i can download properly

    please guide me with settings on Mac.

  153. i m using mtnl broadband.while downloading movies from torrent.i get speed of only 25kbps.i want to increase it upto 100kbps.is this possible.can u suggest me d way out ?

  154. I am using utorrent. Few days ago my download speed decreases. before that, my movies would download at the speed upto 200kb/s. and now it decreases from 200 to 30. my max speed now is 15. what should i do? please help to increase the speed of my utorrent.

  155. I m using internet connection with speed of 144kbps. Can u tell me about the correct setting for downloading through torrents

  156. need help i am using utorrent and my max speed is horrble about 3kB/s and my internet speed is 150kB/s and the download i am downloading is 7G and it saying it going to take 14w+ plz help mail me at [email protected]


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