Unable to access WHS shared folders ?

I just reinstalled the Windows Home Server again which was before running in Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper V. When I tried connecting a client machine  ( Windows 7 )  to the server machine by using the connector, I got an error message which asked me to remove the already installed connector. It seems the connector installed is hard-coded and cannot be changed.

WHS Shared Folders

After uninstalling the connector, I reinstalled it again for the freshly installed WHS and everything worked fine except that i wasnt able to access the shared folders. I was getting permission issue.

I ran the checkup :

  • I had created a news users from the dashboard.
  • Full Access to shared folders.
  • No permission issue I saw on WHS machine.
  • Tried repairing Folders.
  • Re created users several times.
  • I was signed in the launch pad.

Well then I restarted the machine and the error was gone. Surprisingly for some reason the uninstallation and reinstallation of the connector wasnt without a glitch. You should restart your machine to resolve this issue.


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