Uncommon Windows Keyboard shortcuts

Some of the keyboard shortcuts are not mentioned at all the places. We use the same old shortcut keys all the time. This post I will be listing out some “Uncommon” Keyboard shortcuts. Till now we talked about Microsoft Management Console Window Keyboard Shortcut and Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Keyboard Shortcut.

Remember one thing being a power user ( person who can work on keyboard fast through shortcut ) is a great thing but if you dont practice well you might be deleting something accidentally. So take care of these points : Understand, Practice, Try using slowly and then become a power user.

Windows Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts

  • NUM LOCK + Asterick Sign(*) : Display all the subfolders that are under the current folder.
  • NUM LOCK + PLUS Sign(+) : Display the content under the selected folder.
  • NUM LOCK + Minus Sign(-) : Collapse the current selection.

Accessibility Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Left ALT + left SHIFT + PrintScreen: High Resolution on/off.
  • Left ALT + left SHIFT + NUM LOCK: Switch Mouse keys on/off.
  • CTRL + Windows Logo + F : Look for computers on network.
  • CTRL + SHIFT + TAB : Move backward through the tabs
  • ALT + ESC : Cycle through items in order they had been opened.
  • SHIFT + F10 : Display shortcut menu for the selected item.
  • CTRL + ESC : Display start menu.
  • F10 Key : Activate Menu bar in active program.

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