Keep your Android phone unlocked when connected to Trusted Wi-Fi network

Gone are the days when a phone was just a tool to get connected for talking or maybe exchanging SMS, phones these days more like an all in one device,  it’s an era of Smart Phones, not just mobile phones, and for the same reasons we tend to use several ways to keep our phone secure, like utilizing some password or pattern to unlock the phone, so that only we can access the data and apps in our phone.

Now as long as you are travelling, or you are somewhere in public, its great to have your phone unlocked, but this could be annoying if you are sitting in safe zone say your home, probably none of us needs to have our phone unlocked when sitting in the cosy home atmosphere, isn’t it?  If you are using an Android-based Smartphone here is a Free app for you which might be helpful.

Keep your Android phone unlocked when connected to Trusted Wi-Fi network

Unlock With Wifi

This app, Unlock With WiFi, saves you from unlocking your phone manually every time while you are in your own Wi-Fi network.

The concept is simple; once you are in your own trusted Wi-Fi network, (Home or Work) if you have this Unlock With WiFi FREE installed on your Android phone, your phone will not lock automatically even if you leave it idle for some time. Once you travel away from your network’s reach, your phone will lock automatically.

So basically this app overrides your phone lock settings and takes the control as long as you are within reach of your network.

How to install and Configure

Install the app from Google Play Store, later when you launch the app, you come across a screen which asks you to add a Wi-Fi network and also on the same screen you get an option to enable or disable the Unlock With WiFi FREE.

Here is the snapshot of the Unlock With WiFi Free, which shows the different phases of setting up a default Wi-Fi on your phone, i.e., the process of telling the app that in which Wi-Fi network the phone should be kept unlocked.

Keep your phone unlocked when connected to your Wi-Fi network

You can get to the ‘Settings’ of Unlock With WiFi Free to have a look at some other really useful features of this app, like you can turn on or turn off the notification sounds, also it allows you to enable lock delay, also it allows couple of other settings to enable and disable other wireless options, like GPS, Bluetooth, etc.

Unlock With WiFi Free Android app to keep your phone unlocked while in your own WiFi network


There is also a paid version of this app, which has a couple of more features, and the best amongst them is the ability to add multiple Wi-Fi networks which can be used to keep your phone unlocked (the free version allows just one Wi-Fi network to be treated as default).

However, the app page says –

“When you get home and connect to your WiFi network, your device will unlock. Then when you leave, and the WiFi disconnects, the device will lock again.”

But this isn’t true exactly, the phone doesn’t automatically unlock when you enter your Wi-Fi network, it needs manual unlocking for the first time. rest all works fine.

Unlock With WiFi Free is nice way to save on that unnecessary password entering or the pattern drawing activity, moreover when we are at our home or in our office generally we don’t need such security as we are already in one of the safest zone known to us. If you too think this way this app is really for you, go ahead and give it a try, and don’t forget to share your views about this app with us.


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