Upload image to multiple image hosting websites in one go

We often need to upload images to some image hosting sites, for some reason or the other; we all need to do this. These image hosting websites are really very useful for sharing the images as well; you can easily use the unique URL of an uploaded image to easily share it with your friends, etc. Now, the general procedure to upload an image to image hosting services and later sharing involves the steps like,  open the image hosting service in your browser, later select the image and upload it, once the image is uploaded, copy the URL and finally share it via email, IM, etc.

Now, here is a free desktop application which makes this procedure of uploading an image to an image hosting site really simple. This free application is known as Easy Image Uploader. It comes in for of a small .exe file, and is a standalone app, yes, no installation is required, simply download the executable file and run it to start using the Easy Image Uploader.

Once the Easy Image Uploader is launched, it shows you an interface, which has ‘Select image’, this button is used to locate the image on one of your local storage devices, later you can select the image hosting websites on which you want to upload this image, this selection is to be performed using the checkbox adjacent to the name of the image hosting website on the Easy Image Uploader interface, once done with all this, click on the ‘UPLOAD !!!’ button at the bottom of the interface. Have a look at this snapshot below –

Upload image to multiple image hosting websites in one go


Only 2 out of all the image hosting websites listed here need an account to upload an image, i.e. Twitpic (you can login to Twitpic with your Twitter account) and Tumblr, and hence you need to provide username and password if you want to upload the image to Twitpic or Tumblr, this can be done under the ‘Accounts settings’ tab.

As soon as the upload on a particular website is complete, you get to see the URL of the uploaded image adjacent to the name of the website, and later using the ‘C’ and ‘O’ button you can copy the URL to clipboard, or open the link in the browser.

This is all about the basic functionalities of the Easy Image Uploader, however if you choose to donate for this app, in that case you get more functionalities, as mentioned on the app page –

Easy Image Uploader extras allow donors to

  • upload images directly from the context menu
  • upload images using a drop box
  • capture images and immediately upload them – capture hotkeys (for the desktop / active window / selected region) can be user defined

I tried using the Easy Image Uploader, and it worked awesome for me, if you need to share some images, like the snapshots, etc. very frequently, this is probably the simplest way to do so, give easy Image Uploader a try and share you views about it with us.

Personally, I feel it to be one of the best apps which allow you to upload images to image hosting services right from your desktop, we have talked about them earlier as well, here is the list of the apps we have talked, and why does Easy Image Uploader seem to be a better option –

  • RightLoad, allows uploads to multiple sites but Easy Image Uploader gives you more choices.

Download Easy Image Uploader | Thanks to Stefan for giving us this app, we have seen another awesome app developed by him, the NatGeo Wallpaper Downloader.

PS – As per the developers wish, the snapshots of the app shown here are from the official download page.

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