Upload images upto 6 MB for free : PiccDrop

Most of the image hosting service put a limit on images so more number of users can be supported. I had seen a max of like 3 MB when it comes to free services.

PiccDrop is one of the free image hosting service which allow you to upload images upto 6 MB free and it supports most of the formats like jpeg,jpg,png,tiff,bmp,gif,ico,icn,svg,pdf,icns,hdi,psd etc.

Pic Drop

The service has nothing much if you are looking in terms of features except that its more like file server. Just upload and Link it directly on a website.

They look promising with clean words an ideas they have mentioned in FAQ and Terms and Conditions and I would suggest you to give it a try. We cannot predict the future but we will definitely track this one.

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