Upload upto 20Gb video files to YouTube : Advance Uploader

This came to my surprise when I saw YouTube allows you to upload file of size of  up to 20GB rather than 2Gb limit which I thought before. Read more at their support page.This large size file upload is possible using the Advance Uploader of YouTube which supports :

  • Resumable uploading :  Useful when you are slow network connection or when connection breaks. YouTube uploader will start from where it left saving your bandwidth.
  • Needs Java 1.5 or more.

I am not sure if this is enabled for all the accounts because till date I have heard this is only available for partners account.  To upload upto 20Gb file try this url and make sure you have the java client installed.

YouTube Advance Uploader


  1. Has anyone gotten this to actually work? I’ve tried 5 times in two days and it never resumes! I don’t get disconnected or anything, just had really bad weather the past few days and the power goes out randomly. Why i wanted to try this in the first place. Doesn’t work at all though.


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