How to get alert about excessive memory usage in Windows

Many times programs running in Windows hang because of excessive memory usage and even hang other running programs because they lack memory. In short, they make them not responding. Keeping this in mind, Usage Monitor is a useful application that can warn you about excessive memory usage by an application before it becomes not-responding. Let’s find out how it can send an alert when memory usage in Windows 10 exceeds.

Memory Usage Alert Windows 10

How to get alert about excessive memory usage in Windows

Usage Monitor looks very similar to the Windows 10 Task Manager but offers different functionality. It lists down all the processes along with Memory usage, GDI objects, priority, etc. So for example, if Chrome takes a lot of memory, and makes the computer slow, then you can set alert for it before it exceeds the limit.

  • Right-click on any program, select memory usage > set
  • Enter the memory usage limit. Make sure to change from KB to MB when setting up.
  • Click Ok, and then set up the alert type
  • Click on Options > Alter Types, and here you can choose between poop-up.,flash, flash taskbar, and launch program.
  • You can also choose to view only applications that you are monitoring.
  • Next, press F3, while the application is open, to start monitoring.

It is possible to set the memory limit alert for each application. You can set up logging, change how often to check for usage. The app also supports the monitoring of GDI and User objects.

Where is it useful?

  • If you are developing a windows application and you are more concerned about how much memory it consumes. You can keep optimizing your code, and this app can keep warning you.
  • It can run a program also when memory usage exceeds. You can either run a logger or trigger windows, even applications.
  • You can also choose to shut down the computer or kill the application using a bat file.

Download the application form here. It works with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, and 98 also. I hope it helped you to track and get Memory Usage Alert in Windows 10.


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