USB Disk Ejector : Mobile Mode, Command Prompt and One Click Remove

USB Disk Ejector is a program used for quick and safer removal of USB drives but whats unique about is it’s Mobile Mode and Command Prompt Removal and One Click Remove feature.

Mobile Mode

This  is a very impressive feature  which comes in picture when you want to remove a USB Disk from which you are currently running a program.

As soon as you remove it, the program will restart itself in mobile mode. It copies itself to the pc’s temp folder, ejects the drive, then closes, and deletes itself. It means that you can run the program from an USB pen drive and then eject that pen drive.

This removes the compulsion of keeping the USB drive plugged when you run an application from it.

Command Prompt Removal of USB devices :

Removing a USB disk from the computer is definitely not a tough job.We should always safely unplug it from the computer and then remove it. USB Disk Ejector is a small program which can remove any USB disk from your computer safely and also has a command prompt interaction of required. The downloaded zip file also has a HTML file in it, which can guide you with the command prompt options, they are as follows.

  • /? – Displays a dialog that shows all command line options.
  • /SILENT – Stops balloon messages from appearing when the program is run in GUI mode.
  • /SHOWEJECT – Shows the standard ”It is now safe to now safe to remove” message when a drive is ejected. This message is disabled by default.
  • /REMOVETHIS – Ejects the drive that the program is running from. E.g. if the program is run from an USB stick on drive G then drive G would be ejected.
  • /REMOVELETTER – Ejects the specified drive letter. E.g. /REMOVELETTER G
  • /REMOVENAME – Ejects the drive with the specified name. E.g. /REMOVENAME “Sandisk U3 Titanium”
    Partial name matching is possible if a wildcard (*) is used. E.g. /REMOVENAME “*SANDISK” will eject a drive that had Sandisk in its name.

Quick Remove Interface :

This program is a standalone program which shows all the USB disks present on your computer as shown below, later you can simply double click the one you want to remove. This could be the simplest way to remove USB devices.

One Click Remove of USB Devices

It also comes with lot of configurable options which you can set before using it. A good option here is setting the hot key for the drives you had attached. This makes removal of USB drives much more simpler.

USB Eject Options
USB Eject Options

I liked USB Disk Ejector, if you to want to remove the USB disks more quick and easy, give it a try. Download USB Disk Ejector

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