Use Audio Playback / Recording troubleshooter to switch default audio / recording device

In Windows 7, It’s a common problem for many users that when they connect their headset or an extra speaker, system doesn’t play sound from it. Users end up struggling and assume a problem with driver or the headset even though they see the audio device listed in the Sound.

Problem is Windows, doesn’t automatically switch to the new device and keep using the previously connected audio device which is set as default for it. This is where the problem.  To switch the default audio device, you need to go to Control Panel > Sound where you should see your new device listed. Right click and set as default audio device and it should work. I have talked about in detail here

However for some reason, Set as default is grayed out for some users. If that’s the case you can use “Find and Fix audio Playback problem” troubleshooter in Windows to change. This problem applies to both recording and audio playback device selection.

  • Type in Find and Fix audio Playback problem and you should see that in the Windows Start Menu.
  • In case of recoding, select Find and Fix audio recording problems.  This is useful when you want to use microphone of your headphone but for playing audio you want your speakers to be used.
  • Once you click, it will launch the wizard and it will ask you for which device you need the troubleshooting done. You get complete detail of hardware right here including the location.

Find and Fix Audio Playback Problems in Windows 7

  • Select the device you want to switch and follow the instructions.

Select device you want to make as default device in Windows 7

  • At the end it will say “Making this device the default audio device will help ensure other programs can use it to  play or record sound”
  • Apply the fix and you are good to go.
  • You can again start the same wizard to switch back anytime.

Audio Device set to default in Windows 7

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