Use Clamz to download MP3 from Amazon when everything else fails

Clamz is a command line tool which allows you to download your songs and albums in black and white screen ( or any of your favorite one’s ) in case you Amazon MP3 Downloader App is not supported for your platform or if you want to just download all the songs in batch using this in the backend.

Though for many there is no reason to use as you don’t have a nice UI and Amazon MP3 Downloader works but in case you find it sluggish and need those songs like right now you can use this as a backup method. Thanks to TAUW for finding this on.

Installing Clamz :

Now to make this app work you need to use libraries of  libgcryptlibcurl, and libexpat. So make sure you have it installed on your computer.

Download the AMZ file. 

When you downloads MP3 files from Amazon either using the Amazon Cloud Player or anything else, it gets downloaded in AMZ format which contains link to those files. Since those files cannot be used directly on the browser, we will pass this to Clamz which will parse and find the links to download it using the correct method which Amazon will accept. Though I have seen this working on my iPad and I was able to bookmark it to listen again later.

In case you are still wondering, Clamz = Command Line for AMZ

Amazon Amz

Downloading :

Done that you need to run Clamz like as below :

  • clamz –output-dir=/Amazon-MP3-1321343358.amz
  • clamz –resume –output-dir=/Amazon-MP3-1321343358.amz
In case your computer shuts down accidentally or you did it, use the second command to resume the download. Now the best part would be if somebody can make an interactive UI for this using bat or whatever shell script and make it even more useful for users who are not familiar with these make stuff.


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