Use Firefox 4 Add-on Bar to add quick menus

Firefox Top Menu bar has slimmed down a lot but if you feel the urge to have some extra quick menus like Zoom in, Zoom Out, Full Screen, Cut Copy Paste etc to be available in a click, FF 4 has got you an Add-on Bar which comes at the bottom of the browser.

The Add-on Bar


Instrutctions to set up the Add-onBar :

  • Right click next to address bar and select Add-on Bar.
  • Once you select this a bar will show up at the bottom of the broswer.
  • Now right click on the bar,  Select Customize and add available icons.

You can choose between,  text, icons or both depending on how much space you are ready to spare. This in my opinion is a true toolbar which even  allow addons to be placed here.


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