Useful Little tools for Windows Phone Developers

These are small but useful tools for Windows Phone developers which will help you doing things which might have taken sometimes lot more time than useful. One such example can be getting the icon size right or finding the right description length so it doesn’t get chopped off when your app is selected for app of the day category. Read On.

Windows Phone Power Tools :

This is a bliss for Windows Phone developer who hates using command line for updating, installing or deploying files either on an emulator or over a developer unlocked windows phone.

This application is extender version or rather GUI version of Windows Phone SDK Developer tools, so you can skip the boring IsolatedStorage file browser on the command line and use this tool to interact with the app.

You can :

  • Update Developer XAP
  • Visual IsolatedStorage browser
  • Uninstall Developer XAPs
  • Detailed Device Information
  • Develop App Control (Launch / Kill)

Apart from Upload / Download Files from IsolatedStorage Install Developer XAPs which can be done using Windows Phone SDK.

Windows Phone Power Tools

Fake Windows Phone Market Place :

If you are a developer and want to see how your Windows Phone App will look like when finally placed in the Market place, Fake Windows Phone Marketplace Template Sample Solution is here to help.  This is update with the Mango Update for the market place.

Windows Phone Fake Market Place

How to use it ?

All you need to do is download the solution from here and then edit your app name desctipion etc in resource file, add your image to fit in the Tile and a background image for your app. Once done you can compile and interact with the app as one will do in the market place.

What is the advantage ?

You can see how your app will look like when it is selected for “Application of the Day” Category and you make sure the description are set right so it doesnt get cropped. It also gives you look and feel for New, Feature and Top app category. See how detailed page of your application will look like.

Download Fake Windows Phone Makrteplace


Windows Phone Certificate Installer :

If you want to use your computer at home to test SSL request without buying one so you can see your app works smoothly, This installer can help you get this don.


Windows Phone Icon Maker

In case you are having trouble with your icon, I will suggest you to use Windows Phone Icon Maker which can take any image and give you four sizes which is set as standard size for app icons in Windows Phone Market Place.

WIndows Phone Icon Maker

Download Icon Maker


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