5 Useful Recommendations for Enhancing Productivity with Office 365 on Mac

Working has changed in the past couple of years. Remote or hybrid work has become the new normal, and new tools are launched yearly to make working easier. Whether there are productivity or time management tools, you can improve your workflow tremendously. And considering that the devices we work on are improved yearly, we need tools that work on the new gadgets.

Office 365 is a suite of applications that have made your work easier and more facile for several decades. However, these Microsoft apps need to keep pace with the laptop and computer improvements and adapt to them. Apple has designed the new Macs with a new processor so that apps work faster on them. How can you enhance your productivity with Office 365 on your Mac? Continue reading to discover five useful recommendations.

Support for iCloud Accounts

You may use all the apps on the Office 365 suite or just some of them. However, most people use Microsoft Outlook extensively as this is their business email. Before that, you could only use Outlook with your business email generated by your employer. But things have changed in the past year, and now you can connect your iCloud account to Outlook.

This makes organizing your meetings and emails easier, as you are connected in a single place with all your accounts. A common error you may get when using Office 365 on your Mac is the one that does not allow editing. If your account doesn’t allow editing on a Mac, it may be about your Office 365 license. There might be a bug too. You can quickly solve this by logging out of your account and signing in again. Or, you can purchase the license to be sure you have access to all the features Office offers you.

Tell Me Search Box

You might use information from distinct sources when working on a document or presentation. You may have many different documents you check simultaneously, and finding the details you want might become challenging at some point. So, a recommendation that will help you enhance your productivity is to use the Tell Me search box. There is a new Microsoft search in Outlook, so this would make your work way more accessible and helps you complete your tasks faster.

Dictation Toolbar

For those of you who are writing a lot, there is a new dictation toolbar available you can easily use. You may have noticed that you do not type as fast as you think. So, speaking could help you write documents without even using the keyboard. Enable the dictation toolbar and use it to create documents faster.

Shared Calendars

As more and more companies have a remote or hybrid working style, the need for efficient collaboration increases. If you work in a team, you are probably well aware of the importance of collaboration and communication. In Outlook, you can share your calendar with your team or team leader to organize meetings efficiently. At the same time, you can now synchronize your calendars even though you work on Mac and your colleagues on Windows.

Enable Commentaries

Another feature that Office 365 comes with for Macs and not only is the commenting experience. When you work on the same document with your team or ask for suggestions and feedback, you can enable the commentaries in a Word document. Even though this feature might not seem new, they have improved it tremendously for Macs. The mentions are improved, and it is easier to reply to comments and track all your suggestions.

Final Thoughts 

Even though you may feel you have more tasks at work, the tools you use to fix their bugs and add new features make your job easier. And this is the case with Office 365. As Apple has designed MacBooks with M1 processors to make them more performant, app developers must adapt to the new changes. And this is what Microsoft did too. There have introduced new features or just improved the existing ones so that Office 365 works seamlessly on your MacBook.


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