User Profile creation is what Windows should have

How many of you have thought about customizing a new user which you create in a Windows machine ? Why Customize ? There can be lot many reasons for doing that but today I will take a general home user where a single computer can have more than 3 users on an average of which at least one of them act as an administrator.

By default when you create new user in Windows, all it allows to create two kinds of users. One which gets standard settings and the other gets Administrator settings which are two points of extreme.

Create news user in Windows
Create news user in Windows

Now lets an example of a Home where there is one computer and 4 users of 4 age group, Dad, Me, My Wife and my Son which is only 4 years old. ( He is just one though but its an example ).

Now lets an example of each users requirements :

  • Dad : Checks Mail, Take prints and shutdowns the computer.
  • My Wife : Just uses what is required and a bit of music and chat. Anything else she calls.
  • My Son :  Games, More games and if it doesn’t work, He pings me on Yahoo Messenger. He uses this too.
  • Me : Everything and anything.

Now Me being an Admin and power user can have lot of requirements and lot of programs which I use in daily life but there are few drawbacks of current system

  • Anything I install, other user can get access though restricted at some but it’s not 100% proof.
  • All files are exposed except few system files. Pretty good but why can they even see the Programs Folder ?
  • Installing programs is like a switch. Either you install it for yourself or you just do it for all. So I can tell my son to not to ping me on messenger because everybody else needs it too.
  • Somebody deletes a file and I get to know few days later and don’t tell me system restore is an answer.

What basically I need as an Admin is : Create users based on profiles

  • Decide which programs are accessible to a profile.
  • Individual over ride of programs. Parental control is a good example.
  • Which drives are accessible to whom.
  • Define to whom system folders like Windows and Program files etc are accessible.
  • Create Network profile for users.

There can be much more need but I am sure few of them are available in server editions which should be brought into Windows for regular users. What do you think ?



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