Using Dropbox to Resize images, Organize downloads, Chat Archive and trigger torrent downloads remotely

We posted about Dropbox and the comparison between Dropbox and Box etc. It’s been quite long since we are using the Dropbox for file sharing.

Here are some tricks, which can help you to activities like Remotely Resizing the images, organizing the Downloaded Files, and to start the Torrent downloads remotely.

The idea is to exploit the folder sync of Dropbox, and the feature in some apps due to which they keep scanning a folder in order to perform specific operations on the files. 

#1 How to start the torrent downloads remotely  –

If you are using the BitTorrent client for downloading torrents, in that case there is an option enabling which you can set the BitTorrent to scan particular folder for new torrent files and start the download immediately.

Go to ‘Options’ tab, select ‘Preferences’ and later click on ‘Directories’ here you will find the ‘Automatically load .torrents from’ feature, enable it for a folder in Dropbox, now whenever away from your system and you find a torrent file for download, simply upload it to this folder using the web interface of Dropbox or may be by moving the torrent file in this folder if you are on a system which is sharing this folder.

#2 How to Resize Images –

Dropresize is a small utility, which scans specified folder for new images and resizes them as per the settings enabled.

You can read about it here, and by now you would have understood that all you need to do is transfer the image files to be resized to a Dropbox folder, and enable auto resizing for it with Dropresize.

But, why will somebody need to resize an image remotely? As such resizing images definitely isn’t a task that would be needed to done remotely, but it can help like in my case, while at my workplace, I prepare a skeleton for my blog posts, and upload the files in my Dropbox folder via the web interface, so now I can take the snapshots as well and get them ready by resizing to specific width to suit my blog pages as well.

#3 How to Organize downloads –

Download Mover is a utility which scans for new files arriving in a certain folder and moves them to other folders based upon the file type extensions of the new files. For example, if you can have a folder named as ‘Downloads’ and download all the new files in this folder, and you can enable Download Mover for this folder, and chose to move all the new files with .mp3 extension to your music folder, files with extension .jpg can be moved to wallpapers folder and so on.

Now you can set the download Mover for specific Dropbox folder, this could be useful for downloading the small files while you are away from your system.

Read more about Download Mover here or you can even try Digital Janitor for the same purpose, I tried using Download Mover, and I think Digital Janitor too will work fine for this.

# 4 Organize Chat Archives :

If your IM or messenger service allows you change location of your chat archive to any wherem you can use drop box to Synchronize chat messenger archive across multiple computers. And if the archive is XML like in case of Windows Live Messenger you can do it cross platform also.

So, go ahead and try these tricks, hope you like them, Thanks to this post on Download Squad, which was the inspiration behind this post.


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