uTorrent Apps : P2P softwares gaining next level

In today’s world you will hardly hear anybody not using torrent or torrent like software to download, well could be anything from music to pirated softwares but everything had the same idea, Downloading stuff at night and watch movies in evening.

But  with uTorrent introducing apps in the next version and complete framework where third part developers can do magic its going to be different. It’s a fact that any online application which has community around it has grown multi fold, WordPress is a classic example. Now with uTorrent with power of app will increase end-user experience by multilevel and with paid apps it can generate a revenue stream too.

Apps for µTorrent can access all the functionality of the client so developers can:

  • Offer a simple and more integrated way for consumers to find and download different types of content
  • Integrate with external programs which can provide services like BitTorrent-specific anti-virus
  • Offer UI for a broad range of applications that simplify the experience or extend functionality
Utorrent Apps
Utorrent Apps

What do you think about it ? Via Lee @ DownloadSquad



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