Video : Batch Install APK Files to Android Phone

In case you are running out of space and you need to delete some apps from your Android phone but you hesitate because you will need to download it again later and that means it will cost you bandwidth and time both, then you can now use Mass APK Installer to install apps on your computer to your Android Phone.

How to Instructions :

Installing Android SDK :

Make sure you have the Android SDK installed on your computer. If you aren’t ware of this, read this guide to get it done. It is simple so don’t worry. As this post is pretty big here is a summary :

  • Download and install Java SE Development Kit (JDK)
  • Download Android SDK for Windows Platform
  • Extract Android SDK, run the SDKManager.exe, it will open a window titled as ‘Choose Packages to Install’, Cancel it, and click on the ‘Available Packages’ from left panel on the window titled as ‘Android SDK and AVD Manager’, there select the ‘USB Driver package’ and install it.
Install USB Driver Package to take Screen shots of Android Phone using a Windows PC

Enable Debugging Mode and Allow Third Party Application Installation :

  • Turn on the USB debugging option on your phone, i.e. go to ‘Setting -> Applications -> Development’, there you will get the USB Debugging option, turn it on.
  • Then go to Settings >Applications > Check unknown Sources and confirm.
Unknown Sources in Android.jpg
Setting up Mass APK Installer :
  • Download from here and extract it to a directory. | Read more in the XDA Forum
  • Next inside the extracted folder you will find a folder named as APK, you need to copy all your APK files which you need to re install inside this folder.
  • Next run the run.bat file either by double clicking or you can run it from command prompt. If you run from command prompt, you will see all the details of the files etc happening.
  • This will also be helpful as you can see error details which other wise can never be seen.
APK Installer Logs

Video Demo ( Watch on YouTube )


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