Video : Dropbox introduces 2 Way authentication after security hits

After waves of security issues faced by Dropbox recently, the company has now introduced 2 Way Authentication based on same fundamentals as  Google’s 2 Step Authentication system. However, this  is introduced in the experimental build which you need to enable as of now, but I am pretty confident that this will soon bee rolled out all accounts.

So for now here are the steps you need to follow :

First go and enable the 2 Way Authentication system by following this link , You will be asked to sign into your account.

Now visit your Dropbox Security settings and enable Two Step Verification.

Enabling Time Based Auth Barcode


You will have two options here, One option allows you to receive SMS when you sign in with your web account or Dropbox Software, while the other way is to install  the Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) protocol supporting app on your mobile. Below is the list of mobile apps :

Once enabled, Download & Install the experimental build from here In my opinion, all your dropbox sync might just stop working after 2 way authentication is enabled. The version from Dropbox supports it and you will be asked for secret code when settings this up.

Dropbox Software Setup 2 Way Auth

Video Demo :

Watch on YouTube

What you should know ?

  • During the registration of 2 way auth for Dropbox, at the end, you will get a backup code which will be required if you forget your password. Make sure to take a print out of it and keep it safe.
  • In case any of your app is not able to scan the barcode, you can also add Dropbox manually inside it.

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