Video on How to transfer Windows User & Data from one PC to another PC

Most of the Windows User would like to User along with data and settings when they switch PC. This is necessary so you dont have to manually transfer each and every file including system settings for applications and shared data item. Also one of the key challenges is to identity which applications should be installed after you switch.

Windows has an excellent utility, Windows Easy Transfer which does all this. You can use this to either copy one user to another machine or replicate the user in the same machine. It also indirectly serves the purpose of making a user backup in Windows.

At the end it generates a report which gives you detailed information about the transfer status, documents moved and programs that is already installed or needs to be installed. For each application identified you get a direct link to the application website. Remember this is valid for standard applications and not a custom app unless otherwise the source is detected.

Below is the Video tutorial and for in depth detail you can read our post Windows 7 : Easy Transfer Files, Users and Settings to new or same computer. You can use the same tool to transfer users from XP to Windows 7.

Thanks Vijay @ Technology Simplified for reminding about this topic and hence the video is here.

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