Video Review : Official Hotmail App for Android

Microsoft has done it again, Now we have an official Hotmail app for Android which is a great news for Windows Live Users who have always missed this like Windows Phone user miss for an Official App for Gmail on Windows Phone. I guess it might also come soon.

Hotmail App Universal Inbox

Features of Hotmail App :

  • Supports Multiple Accounts with Individual Inbox and Universal Inbox.
  • Search Email using the Android Search Button and inbuilt search for contacts.
  • Optimized for battery life where it allows you to pause any email to sync or use the Quiet Mode to turn of syncing at Night, Weekends or any day you have taken a day off.
  • Supports Calendar and Contact Sync.
  • Apart from Push Sync you can also sync every few minutes.
  • It is also optimized for Bandwtdth as it allows you to define email size, How many emails to be downloaded according t number of days.
  • You can use a Signature and choose to be used for only new email or also for Reply and Forward.
  • Change Reply to header.
  • Select folder for attachments.
  • Lock Hotmail app with password.
  • You can send logs or contact hotmail support right from the app.
  • Supports, English, Korean, Chinese ( Traditional and Chinese ) and Japanese.
  • You can choose between Audio, Message and Vibration as notification options.
  • Renders complete HTML or you can stick to classic HTML

Video demo of Hotmail App for Android

Watch on YouTube

Screenshot of Hotmail App for Android :


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