Video : Sync Facebook Contacts with Android People App / Contacts

Android users has always missed one thing, a complete integration of Facebook with their contact something which Windows Phone People Hub but since Google and Facebook never agreed syncing was not possible at all. However with ICS new API called as INVITE_CONTACT, the  built-in People app can now connect a contact with its social profile. If you have Twitter installed you might be already seeing the connection and recent updates when you open up the contact.

So now coming back to topic, Since Facebook App doesn’t connect directly but a Dev at XDA developed an App Hax Sync which can take advantage of the API and talk to Facebook contact to bring in your Facebook Friends Pictures, Updates,  Phone Numbers etc and connect with your contacts in your Android phone.

Video Tutorial :

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Follow the steps :

  • Make sure you have the Facebook App installed and Signed in.
  • Once the app is installed, Go to phones Settings > Accounts > Add Account and select Hax Sync. The App itself does nothing and launching it will take you to the stores.
HaxSync Added to Accounts
  • Once you see it under accounts make sure to tap and select sync and select Contact Sync.
  • Done that now the app will start linking profiles, however be aware anybody who has restricted discovery by email will not pop in and there is no option to link manually as of now.

HaxSync Facebook Profile Link

So once sync is complete, you will see HaxSync instead of Facebook in any of the contact in People App with option to view profile, which when tapped launches the Facebook App with that contacts Facebook profile. Very Smart. You can also see status updates where source will be HaxSync.

HaxSync Facebook Status Updates

Not sure if the API is there or not but as of now there is no way to send mentions or Facebook comments from the people app like Google Plus already has. Probably its the third part app that will need to bring this kind of integration and soon this will get exactly as WP People Hub. Via KnowMyDroid


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