How to View Downloads Statusbar in Edge, Chrome and Firefox

Keeping track of multiple downloads was already a hassle. For many users, it has been amplified even further with Chrome removing the download status bar from the bottom and shifting it to the top right menu, much like Edge and Firefox. This article will tell you how to view the download status bar in Edge, Chrome, and Firefox.

View Downloads Statusbar in Edge Chrome and Firefox

How to View Downloads Statusbar in Edge, Chrome, and Firefox

While Edge and Firefox did not have the status of the download at the bottom, Chrome, in August of 2023, released an update that shifted downloads from the bottom bar to the menu in the top right along the lines of Microsoft Edge. The change has ended up hampering the workflows and experience of many Chrome users. In this section, we will look at a few extensions that allow you to view downloads in the status bar in Edge, Chrome, and Firefox:

  1. View the Download Status bar In Edge And Chrome
  2. View the Download Status bar In Firefox

Let’s dive in!

1] View the Download Status bar In Edge And Chrome

Download Statusbar Browser Extension For Chrome And Edge

To view the downloads status bar in Edge, we will be using a Chrome extension called Download Status Bar. The Download Statusbar extension adds functionality to the browser but doesn’t come without its loopholes.

It is not as seamless as the native functionality previously available on Chrome; it does not resize the page according to the downloads status bar placement, it covers the page, and one needs to scroll down to view the entire content.

The tool has a context menu for each download and more features, making it an effective workaround. To view the downloads status bar in Chrome, you can use the Same Downloads Statusbar web extension, available on the Chrome Web store. The extension works seamlessly on Chrome and Edge.

Download Statusbar For Chrome And Edge


  • Seamlessly adds a downloads status bar to the web browser.
  • Feature-packed context menu for each download.
  • Hide downloads status bar in a single click.
  • Works on all websites.


  • Works on all websites.
  • Feature-packed context menu.


  • Does not resize the page for status bar placement.
  • It does not support drag-and-drop functionality.

Download Downloads StatusBar

2] View the Download Status bar In Firefox

Wx Download Status Bar Extension For FirefoxViewing the downloads status bar in Firefox can only be enabled by installing a browser extensions edge called the WX Downloads status bar. The extension works similarly to the Download Statusbar extension for Chrome and Edge.

The extension provides a couple of extra features, like hovering over a download to display a small preview along with the relevant details of the download. However, this extension also fails to resize the browser window according to the placement and overlays on the website.

Using Wx Download Status Bar Firefox Extension


  • View the download preview by hovering over it.
  • Works on all websites.
  • Context menu for each download.
  • Hide the download status bar with one click.


  • A small preview for each download.
  • Context menu for each download.


  • Lacks drag and drop functionality.

Download WX Statusbar 

We hope this article was easy to follow. You can view the Download status bar in Edge, Chrome, or Firefox.

Has Chrome Disabled The Drag And Drop Feature In The New Downloads Location?

Chrome hasn’t disabled the drag-and-drop feature in the new download location. While the downloads status bar has been removed and downloads have been moved to the top right menu, all the downloads can still be dragged and dropped in any browser window and tab.

What Is the Shortcut to See Downloads in Chrome and Edge?

The shortcut to see Downloads in Chrome is Ctrl+J. You can use this shortcut from any website or window in Chrome, which will open a new tab displaying all the downloads. To close the Downloads tab, press Ctrl+W on your keyboard.


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