View Photos as Slideshow from Multiple Folders

If you want to view the images in any particular folder on your system, the most preferred way is to open a photo or image in your favourite image viewer and keep on moving to next image using your mouse or the arrow keys. Windows systems allow you to view these images as Slideshow as well, however this in-built feature just is an automatic mode in which the photos or the images in a particular folder is shown to you one at a time after every certain time interval, you don’t get any animation or transition effect in this slideshow.

Well, so how about a small app which allows you to have a slideshow with transition effects and images which can located anywhere as well, sounds great, isn’t it? Simply Slideshow is a free utility which can actually spice up your ‘View photos as Slideshow’ experience by adding some effects to it.

This small, lightweight app can be downloaded as an executable file and talking about the size of this file, it is less than 1Mb in size. Once downloaded run it to install the Simply Slideshow on your system, launch the application and you come across an interface as shown below –

Free Desktop application to View Images in a folder as Slideshow with transition effects

The interface of Simply Slideshow has two tabs, one is ‘Image Locations’ and other is ‘Options’, first part of the above snapshot shows ‘Image Locations’ tab, here you simply need to drag and drop the set of image files or photos, also you can choose to drag and drop a specific folder (the folder which has the images or the photos you want to include in your slideshow).

The ‘Options’ tab, shown in the lower part of the above snapshot, has the options to customize the Slideshow as per your choice, like you can choose to start the Slideshow as Full Screen, you can decide on the time interval for which an image or photo will be shown, image repetition can be turned on or off, you can filter the images to be included in slideshow based upon their size on disk, etc.

Free Desktop Application View Photos or Images as Slideshow with transition effects

Shown above is a snapshot of the Simply Slideshow in action, so if you too want to spruce up your photo viewing experience on your Windows system, go ahead and grab this free utility now. Overall this is a nice application, however adding a couple of more options to get the desired transition effect or may be an option to randomize the transition effects is a great idea, I hope to see such features in upcoming versions of the Simply Slideshow.

You can Download the Simply Slideshow from the developers blog.


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