Virtually Mount Amazon Storage, Live Sky Drive, Google Docs and Picasa on your hard drive

Bringing Cloud services to Desktop and Gladinet does that. They have created a desktop application which allows you to navigate your Amazon S3 Storage, Windows Live Sky Drive , Google Docs and Picasa services like mounted hard drive in your computer. Its like bringing the cloud service to desktop.

Galdient Sky Drive
Galdient Sky Drive

This makes managing all your documents, storage files and pictures very easy. Now with just one click you can download whatever is required instead of going to the website.

Gladinet comes with a credential manager which takes care of your login details. Moreover you can connect to any number of amazon or skydrive account . Its not limited to just one account. So now imagine how quickly you can copy from one amazon s3 account to another amazon s3 account 😉 without worrying the browser issue.

Update : Skydrive users might not be able to access this service as of now. The problem is the recent increase in space to 25Gb in skydrive which has made Gladinet client a little incompatible. They hae announced in the blog and we all need to wait till they come up with new patch. 

I am getting an error with Windows Sky Drive

The configuration for this virtual directory can not be verified

Gladient Error with Windows Live SKy Drive
Gladient Error with Windows Live SKy Drive


  1. I would like to know whether is there any other 3rd party software through which i can access skydrive without using the browser and then download the content on my PC. Because, It seems that the 25GB storage which has been upgraded from 5GB is not compatible with Gladinet. I would appreciate if you could respond to this query soon.



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