Virus Total: 40 Antivirus engines to Scan online and via email

I posted about NoVirusThanks, an online virus scanner, which scans suspicious files using 24 antivirus engines; here is another tool on same lines, Virus Total, this too is an online scanner, which scans your files using multiple antivirus engines (around 40 antivirus engines).

There are two ways to scan your files, i.e. you can either upload the files using the Virus Total homepage, as shown below.

Or you can email the files (up to 20 Mbs) to [email protected] with the subject SCAN in the subject line.

Once done with anyone of the above, you soon get the full scan report of the file. Here is the snapshot of the report I got after sending a simple text file via email.

This is definitely a nice service if your current antivirus is reporting a file to be virus; using Virus Total you can verify it for False Positive.

If the file you are trying to scan, has already scanned by you or someone else, Virus Total prompts you to jump directly on the report.

However, the email option won’t be very useful, because email clients like Gmail, doesn’t allow you to send files which are viruses; they suspend the sending process after scanning the files online.  Yes, if you want to scan a file for virus using some other antivirus engines other than the one installed on your system, you can probably try sending them in email.

So, go ahead and Try Virus Total


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