Vista Anti Piracy Features : How it might check for Windows Activation

Microsoft will introduce a new anti piracy mechanism in vista. Users will have to activate the OS within 30 days of installation. Failing to do so will result in reduction of functionality, blocking certain key feature like Aero Interface. During the grace period, user will get alerts to validate. For those buying branded PC, Vista will come activated.

Even after activation the new mechanism will continuously check to make sure that the software was legitimately acquired. If found illegal users will get another 30 days grace period to buy genuine license.

Previously this feature was also available, but it seems to pass without any problem. Even the Genuine validation feature i have seen getting bypassed by many people so how do they do it this time?.

Microsoft claims to reduce piracy by 50% with this new method. It is also changing business licensing activation. New licensing system – Multiple Activation Key (MAK) ad the second option called Key Management Service (KMS) will replace the current volume licensing key system.

Multiple Activation Key:

The Multiple Activation Key (MAK) activates either individual computers or a group of computers by connecting directly to Microsoft servers over the Internet or by telephone. The keys can be used a limited number of times. This activation limit can be increased by calling your Microsoft Activation Center.

Key Management Service

Your organization can host the Key Management Service (KMS) internally, which will automatically activate computers, running Windows Vista. To use the KMS, you must have a minimum of 25 computers running Windows Vista that are connected together. Computers that have been activated through KMS will be required to reactivate by connecting to your organization’s network at least every six months.

Currently the KMS software runs on a local computer running Windows Vista or the Microsoft Windows Server Code Name “Longhorn” operating system. In the future, it will run on the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 operating system.via Microsoft). Let’s see how it goes, because Microsoft has said this kind of things even before, but a crack becomes available in some way. Cracked Windows Cd’s sell like 100 Rs (Approx 2$). They must be knowing it but, they don’t do anything about it. Why there’s a major chance that if they restrict too much Linux can take over. What do you have to say?

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