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You go out for a shopping and you get to see a bag carried by some other girl you never seen before.What you do , take a snap.Now you start looking for the bird on internet with some description which you see from the image.Bad luck you still cant find it. is a site which helps you to find similar images if you go for searching an image , much accurately.Thanks to the technology they are using which helps you to find information based on the snapshot you took.And not only this you can even buy them.Its more like they have integrated Visual Search and E commerce together.

Visual Search Engine

What is Visual Search?

As the name suggest you search not by keyword but according to the description of the image you give, like color, shape size and even price.You choose an image of a product, modify according to your requirement and depending on that, the visual search engines gives a pretty neat result set.So now its easy for you to find by looking at things rather than using keyword all the time.

Visual Search Example

How does Visual Search Engine Works ?

Visual Search engine has a huge database of images of different products.They have categorized based on the property like , what it is containing, color and other visual attribute.So when you add properly to the selected object for search, it matches those property with the one in database.

What if I am still not satisfied ?

It goes like this, When the result doesn’t matches what you do , simple change the keyword right!! Similarly if you search result on Visual Search engine doesn’t match, change the property of the image and do a search again.Other thing is suppose you like to look for a pattern or design on the shirt, easy.Just draw a box on the image and it gives you similar shirts with similar design.

Visual Search Example for Matching Shoes

What if I want to find things a celebrity was wearing ?

This site has huge database for this also.They have clipped out things used by a celebrity in different occasions and you can search on them by just clicking. What they have done is targeted the product and added attributes to it.Now if you click on the product “Nikole” is wearing, it will not only take you to the product but also show you similar types.If you wish you can buy as this site is integrated with e-commerce.Look at the image below. Try now!! ( Acquired by Google )

Celebrity Visual Search

Want to search people by facial recognition ? is another site which allows searching a person by face texture and impressions.All you have to do is upload image to this site and facial recognition technology is applied and visual clues are captured.This technology allows you to search about people in photograph and information you need. Go to

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