Visually analyze the SD Card with free file manager for Android

The storage space is one of the biggest issues faced by people these days, if said, there could never be enough storage space, probably the statement is the universal one, and the scenario worsens if there resides a download junkie in you. We keep looking for more storage space, there could be several ways to do so, sometimes it is done by deleting the old files, at times the tricks like defragmentation work, empty the recycle bin, and so on, and lastly there comes a point when you mumble to yourself, “Awkay enough, I need a new Hard Disk (or may be a SD card for phone)” and rush to the nearest vendor to get a new one with better storage capacity.

Summarily, it’s very important to have a better management on your existing storage capacity, there are applications which help in this process, and are probably available for every platform. Here is the one which can help you to manage space on the SD Card on your Android device.

Grid Size Free File Manager is the free version of Grid Size File Manager, the only difference in the paid and free version is, ads. Now talking about the Grid Size Free File Manager, once installed and launched, it shows you couple of blocks (grids), and on the same screen you find a button which reads ‘Scan Storage’. As it says, you can tap on this button to scan your SD Card (storage). As soon as the scan process is complete, you get to see a different layout of grids. These grids or blocks represent the amount of space taken by different files or folders on your SD card. Have a look at the snapshots below –

Free File manager for Android with Visual representations

Now on this screen, as said earlier as well, you can have a look at the files an folder stored on your SD card, now, if you tap on a grid which represents a file, you will be asked, if you want to launch that file, and in case you tap on a grid which represents a file, you will enter that folder, to again show you the files and folders in it in grid fashion. If you find some grids to be too small, you can use the ‘pinch and zoom’ feature to get an enlarged view for better handling.

Long tap on the grids launches the pop-up which has other required functionalities for a file manager, like cut, copy, delete, rename, etc.

Visually analyze the SD Card with free file manager for Android

This free Android app reminds me of the FolderVisualizer, which too represents the space occupied by different files and folders on your Windows system. However there is something which lacks in FolderVisualizer and that is, it has no options to manage the space, all it gives you is visual representation, which might not seem to be very useful in first look, but in my opinion is damn helpful in managing the space related issues, give it a try.

Grid Size Free File Manager is for sure a must have app on your Android device, it works well, and can be very helpful in managing the space on your SD Card, give it a try and share your views about it with us.

Download and Install Grid Size Free File Manager from the Android Market


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