Vloud can increase loudness of MP3 songs

Songs which sound very low even if you have set the volume to maximum is one of the most common problems with MP3 songs. Being a normal user either we just delete it or get it ask one of our friends to replace with his song file. But what would you do if you have any custom mp3 files or a file which has no replacement ? How to increase the volume and make the mp3 file sound louder ?

Vloud is an online service which does that job for you. All you need is to select how loud you want the final mp3 file you will get. It accepts only MP3 songs and gives you 4 options : light , loud, louder, loudest.

Vloud make songs better
Vloud make songs better

Aiight , it  not only makes any mp3 loud but also lowers the volume if you choose light mode. But we dont do that most of the tie right!!! Check out Vloud and increase loudness of your MP3 songs.


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