Voice Chat on Lan with Tiny Talk

If you ever wanted to make a voice call over LAN, then here comes a portable application–TinyTalk–that can do that for you. We had been using the Chat on Lan software we had talked about Chat on Lan with IP Messenger, but with this, you can instantly make a voice call without using the Internet.

Voice Chat on Lan with Tiny Talk

Once you download, make sure to keep at a place where you don’t end up deleting the software. It’s a portable application. Once you launch it on multiple computers, you would be able to connect to any of the other people who are using the same software. The software works fine, and uses the same principle of IP Messenger except that will not let you auto-discover all the people using Tiny Talk.

Voice Chat on Lan
Voice Chat on Lan

Features and Details:

  • Supports 8-bit PCM voice data at 11.025KB/s in Full-Duplex operation. Don’t expect a high-quality sound but this will be very fast as its on LAN.
  • If you don’t talk for 3 seconds it will automatically pause the transmission. Safe in case somebody drops in and you cannot talk.
  • Hold and toggle like you are speaking on Transmitters
  • Configurable port which is missing in IP Messenger.

You can change settings as you can see in the screenshot. I would strongly recommend you to use the keyboard to talk and hold. It will be much faster than using a mouse. Also, the option for silence detection can be unchecked. It will come in handy when your conversation may have breaks, but you don’t want the call to drop.

When trying to connect to any person, you will need his IP address and Port Number. Only using these two, you can connect, and make voice calls.

Voice Chat on Lan is definitely useful, especially if you do a lot of networking!

Download Tiny talk via Madhur


  1. Hi Ashish!

    I’m a regular visitor of Technospot. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful tech information.

    Well regarding this post, Long back I used IP Msgr and I’m sure I have used two IP Msgr instances at a time by running them in different ports. As you said, we can not configure it in GUI, but there is a way we can run it on different port.

    Sriram Gullapalli

  2. @Sirram: Pretty interesting. I would like to know how exactly do you run it on different port number ? There are lot many people looking forward to this.

  3. Hi!

    I tried to re-collect it a lot and found the way. It is very simple. [1] Download the latest copy of IP Messenger from (you might know this).
    [2] Extract the zip content provided by.
    [3] There is a direct ipmsg.exe file which generally we use. Avoid this and find setup.exe among the extracted content.
    [4] Install it to the regular path. It will ask to start the IP Msgr once it got installed. Start it.
    [5] Now to run another instance, in the run dialogue, type ipmsg.exe 1518 (any port number which should not be in use). That’s it. This creates another instance.
    [6] Now if we want the other person to be exist in the same port, they need to do the same procedure. Then both users will be listed.

    This is how you can run n number of instances.

    Hope you understood this 😉 I used this when I tried to chat with my girl friend – privately. We both used other port number, so that no one has identified us. Another log will be created automatically if settings done in proper.

    Thank you,
    Sriram Gullapalli


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