Volery : Worry free Smart application installer ( 200 Beta Signup )

Lets take an example of a regular Internet user who buys a new computer and is very excited about installing the most common applications like Firefox, Chrome, FileZilla, Paint.Net etc. Here are the steps he follows :

  • Google out each of them for download Link.
  • Downloads each of them.
  • Installs all of them one by one.

And by the time has had done all of this, all his excitement has gone down to a level where he feels like taking a break and do something else.

Volery is a smart application creator tool which lets you choose out of the most commonly used applications and then create a Smart Installer which takes care of downloading the latest version and install  all of them one after the other giving you ample of time to do something more productive than breaking your head with installations.

Volery software pack

Before going ahead I would like to share that this online tool is still in beta and if you would like to try we have got a beta code sign-up for 200 Technospot Readers, Just follow this link and sign-up. As of now I see 43 applications are available in the list and you can ask to add more.

Where we think this would be useful :

  • When you clean install your machine and is ready for first time use.
  • If you would like to recommend your friend certain applications, just create a small installer from here and send along the file.
  • It can safeguard novice users who can accidentally download virus or spyware infected files when looking for download links.
  • When you need to install huge number of applications numbering like 10 or more.
Volery installation

And here are few questions we asked Patrick Swieskowski , the co-founder:

Does the installer use multiple sites / Mirror for downloading the application or just the primary one? Since all the applications are downloaded from the internet it is possible that there can be failures.

We have support for multiple mirrors, but most of our configurations just have the primary source right now.

Failures are certainly possible, but we haven’t seen many failed downloads so far.

In case if the user wants to cancel installation of any of the application is the list in between can he do that and continue with rest?

Right now cancel stops the whole installation process.

We’ve gotten some feedback asking for runtime reconfiguration of installers similar to this.  For the moment we’re focusing on making it so simple to create an installer that it’s not a problem to make them on demand.

It is possible to detect already installed applications and skip those to save time.

We do try to detect existing apps because some installers behave oddly or switch into an upgrade or repair mode in those cases.

Will Volery be free when it comes out of Beta or completely paid service?

We’re planning to charge for it, but we haven’t finalized pricing or plans yet.

Again if you did like this application, here is your chance to get a beta invite by following this link


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