Volume control apps for Nexus 7

Nexus 7 has this volume buttons on the side which I find very inconvenient to use and I am little bit scared that using it too often might turn into wear and tear. So the only solution of this situation was a volume control app which could integrate well either in the notification centre or was as easy as using a gesture. So here are two apps of my finding which I find really useful :

Volume Control :

This app adds a small scroll bar to the middle right of the screen which you can swipe up and down like scroll bars on the browser. As you scroll up it gives you an overlay of percentage of volume and vice versa.

This is very useful because

  1. It stays around your right thumb.
  2. It can stay on top of your apps which means very quick access to the volume scroll bar without pulling down any notification bar or switching between apps.

Volume Control Scroll Nexus 7

Features :

  • Choose foreground and background colours.
  • Adjust transparency
  • Change Alignment, Horizontal, vertical offset and bar type.
  • Volume control can be changed to control Music or System or Ring or Notification or voice call.
  • Auto hide indicator
  • Quick Enable or disable.

Download from here

Volume In Notification :

If you want something which can integrate with Notification system, this is the app for you. It brings the old style buttons for Mute, Up and Down with percentage on the side. You can also choose to skip the app to automatically start at boot. Download

Volume in Notifcation Nexus 7