Volume 2 Changes Audio Level when you switch change audio output

It so happens many a time that you switch from Speakers to headphones and then you just rush to lower the volume because it’s too loud or when you are playing loud music on your laptop which already has low volume but you connect to 5.1 Channel Speakers and wake your family up because you had no control on the volume.

Volume 2 is a portable application which lets you control your windows volume in such situations automatically so you don’t have to worry about blowing your ears or waking anybody in middle of the night. First take a look at this feature and then rest of them.

Volume Scheduler :

Comes with an inbuilt controller which can increase or decrease your speakers volume when

  • You change audio device, very useful on laptop when you switch between headphone and portable speaker. In case it does not work make sure to use the troubleshooter
  • On a particular time and days of the week ( Pretty Odd Choice here )
  • On computer startup and Shutdown ( So you can keep some heads away turning towards you )

Volume Scheduler

Other Features :

  • Control Audio level using your mouse  or even use the mouse wheel at screen edges or using your keyboard
  • Keyboard Shortcuts are very enhanced you can define keyboard shortcuts for opening volume options,  reducing volume to 10% , open playback devices ( You can even switch from command line using this tool )
Volume Control Keyoard Shortcuts
  • This tool supports Multiple Monitor, find this option under OSD > Position > Select Display
  • You can change options for Windows Sound settings like playback devices etc from here.
  • Disables Volume Control in full screen useful for games but you need to tell the app for which window you want that or select the program for which you dont want it.
  • There are other fancy options also to change volume icon, taskbar notification,  skins etc.

Video walk-through ( Watch on YouTube )


Download from this page  under the downloads section. | Via Nirmal



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