Voxdox : Convert Scanned Text & Documents to Speech on Android & iPhone

Many of us when travelling around the world always need to convert a written foreign language into ones native language. Though there are tons of application that can do text to text translation, Voxdox is a new iPhone, Android Application which can convert text into speech. This means you will be able to convert it using your phone camera.

In Voxdox, the database where all data is stored is within the app. You will be able to upload documents with everybody or share it with friends you want. It can also integrate with Facebook and then choose which group to share with.


Features of Voxdox:

  • Convert Microsoft Word Documents, PDF files, .txt files to speech.
  • Convert any website content to speech
  • You can translate and then listen any text to your choice of language. As of now there are 20 languages supported.
  • Share your documents with friends.
  • Easily manage your converted documents.
  • Any translated audio is available on your device. This means you can go back and hear it again.
  • You can create projects where you get to keep the documents of similar nature. You can define settings for language and every time you drop a file, it gets converted.

When a document is freely shared with everybody, it is accessible by anybody. They call it the social database where you can find the materials uploaded by people by using their name or email address.

Download for Android and iPhone from here.

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