Want to avoid / block calls on BlackBerry ? Try Do not Disturb

Many a times like when you are talking with your family members or your girlfriend or doing something important, phone calls is something which you always wanted to stay off no matter how important it is, specially from the unknown numbers.

Do Not disturb is a paid blackberry application which lets you :

  • Block certain numbers completely. [ Best if you dont want any calls from Office and specially from your Boss 😉 ]
  • Block Unknown numbers  : Avoid calls from numbers which are not in your contact book.
  • Block Private Numbers : You need some time for yourself too right?
  • Block calls from 10 PM to 8 am in morning. Peace out.!!

Do not disturb blackberry

Though blackberry lets you configure when to turn off and turn on your mobile back but you will never know who called you then. Download Do not Disturb BlackBerry app from Appword


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