How to Watch Full Length Movies on YouTube

Youtube is more than just a haven for short/long-form video content, music, and viral clips. The platform is increasingly becoming popular for full-length movies that are ready for viewers to watch for free.  Finding the proper free film to watch can be tricky as these are often unavailable on the main page. In this article, we will tell you how to watch full length movies on YouTube for free.

Watch Full Length Movies on Youtube

Is It Legal To Watch Free Movies On YouTube?

Yes, it is entirely legal to watch full-length movies for free on YouTube. For starters, YouTube offers many titles for free. Other movies that are available for free on YouTube are either uploaded by the studios themselves, independent films, or public domain films. Any content that is uploaded on a platform like YouTube and watched does not bring any legal liability to the viewer but to the uploader. However, do not download the movies as it will be against the terms and conditions. 

How to Watch Full Length Movies On YouTube?

Now that we’ve established that watching free movies on YouTube is entirely legal, in this section, we will look at multiple ways to find and watch full-length movies for free on YouTube.

  1. Youtube’s Movies And TV Section
  2. Movie Channels
  3. Filtered Search
  4. JustWatch

Let’s dive in and find resources on free YouTube movies to watch full length videos.

1] YouTube’s Movie and TV Section

Movies And TV Secton For Free Movies On YoutubeThe Movies And TV Section on YouTube is a dedicated section for free movies you can watch on YouTube without having to pay a dime or even subscribe to YouTube Premium. The section features a vast library of movies categorized by genre, and for each genre, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of movies to choose from.

Just visit the YouTube Movies and TV section, find your movie, and play it like you do with all YouTube videos. The section can be accessed from the left pane by finding the explore section and then Movies and TV.

YouTube Movies And TV Section 

2] Movie Channels

Movies Channels On YoutubeSeveral movie channels on YouTube offer free full length movies to watch; many of them are owned or contributed to by movie studios, and many share independent films. There are also some genre or region-specific channels. Here’s a list of some of the most famous movie channels on YouTube:

  • Movie Central: The channel features quality Hollywood movies across various genres. The movies are categorized genre-wise on this channel and are available in the highest resolution.
  • PopcornFlix: It’s another YouTube channel featuring a vast library of free Hollywood movies categorized by genre.
  • Big Time-Free Movies: This channel, along with Hollywood movies from all genres, also features many titles from comedy.
  • Shemaroo: Bollywood produces more movies than any other region and many suit international tastes. Shemaroo is one of the biggest Indian production houses, and it offers countless titles to watch for free, including comedy and horror.
  • GoldMines: Remember the movie RRR from India? Well, it was a South Indian cinema movie. To find more such movies, go to Goldmines’ YouTube channel, which is owned and managed by southern India’s biggest production house.
  • China Movie Channel ENGLISH: This channel is right for you if you like emotional and action-packed Chinese Cinema. It features thousands of Chinese titles that are available to stream for free.

3] Filtered Search

Filtered Search On YoutubeEven when a movie is available to stream for free on YouTube, finding the right one in the right resolution and watch time can be tricky. You can filter your search to only the movies and your preferred resolution to get free movie titles to stream. To filter search on YouTube, enter your search query, hit enter, then click the filters option in the top right and select the appropriate filters.

4] JustWatch

JustWatch com to find free movies on YoutubeCan’t decide what to watch? Well, Justwatch can be the solution for you. With Justwatch, you can filter movies according to the streaming service, popularity, and price. To get all the movies streaming for free categorized based on their popularity and reviews, select the price as free and rating as you wish to customize; this will display the titles in the most filtered way, allowing you to make the best selections to watch full length videos.

We hope you found the article helpful and that you were able to find and watch full-length movies on YouTube for free.

Is Youtube Premium Required To Watch Free Movies On YouTube?

No, YouTube Premium is not required to watch free movies on YouTube. However, without YouTube Premium, you will be served ads and, in some cases, will not have access to the full resolution.

Can I Download Free Movies From YouTube?

Yes, you can download free movies from YouTube within the YouTube app on your smartphone and tablet. Downloading films and videos using external services, which download YouTube videos straight to your device, violates YouTube’s terms of service and can invite legal liability.


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